Roll-On Makeup

So it seems that every five minutes there is a new beauty invention with some kind of fantastical propaganda attached. Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine what the unsuspecting consumer must think of all these “miracle” products. Just yesterday I had a client who felt she was in desperate need of a makeover. By her own admission she felt bland, boring and completely rough looking. She said she just didn’t want to be one of “those women” who don’t change their makeup for twenty years and looks stuck in a rut. Once we got into the nuts and bolts of her routine I was somewhat astonished that she was using products that were making her skin look and feel uber dry and lifeless but she continued to use them simply because they were in her price point. Likewise she wanted to change her makeup but had a hard time accepting that the colors she was using were all wrong for her. Interestingly enough I see this all the time and even more surprising this is the very type of consumer that will run to the drug store and buy the latest foundation, mascara or face cream just because Penelope Cruz looks so great in the ads despite the fact that the product might be all wrong for them.

Hhmmm one of the latest products that has me raising my brow…L’Oreal Roller Foundation. The ads feature the flawless Evangeline Lilly and the foundation promises “perfectly even coverage and the ultimate airbrush finish”. Yet when I look at the roller I see a disaster waiting to happen. I predict over-foundationing of epic proportions! I would imagine that this requires constant rolling like that of a paint roller on walls to avoid streaks. Please if anyone has tried it, I would love to hear what you think of it!

Another product that clients seem to be fascinated with are the Eye Roller products like Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Repair that promise to smooth puffiness and hydrate with just a swipe of the micro roller balls over the area. Of course any massaging action along with the proper de-puffing product will yield results… the problem I find is that the average woman seems to believe if a little is good, than a lot will be better…au contraire’ Rolling these little serums above and below the lids at night can also cause it’s own bit of puffiness so be sure to read direction carefully and don’t get too close to the lash line.

Personally I dig those little rollberball eyeshadows for a super quick application. My favorite is the Sue Devitt brand that glides on fairly easily, but for the average gal these must be used with caution and applied in really good lighting as little flecks can go undetected and easily drop on the face…and often the product requires a few tries to get it even.

Call me an old fashion girl but I still prefer a good ol’ makeup brush or a fingertip!

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