Post Breakup Makeover

Just minutes after finishing my conversation with a dear friend about her recent breakup I ran across a beauty article called something like “how to look smoking hot after he dumps you”. Of course it took me no time flat to text her with a list…. Perhaps I deviated just a tad from the article but, all with good intentions. Heaven knows by the time she returned my text she was three-quarters of the way through a defenseless carton of haagen –dazs, precisely in time for a little post hunk makeover.

For most women ending a relationship often means making at least one big change in their appearance, perhaps a new do, so Rule #1 – Give every pair of scissors and clippers that you own to your best friend until after your stylist appointment which should be made for exactly two weeks after your breakup. This will keep you from pulling a Britney or a Felicity and two weeks is usually enough time to get out the daily all- day- every -day crying routine and regain a sense of composure. Bangs are a great way to change up without doing something drastic.

If you are feeling like you need a change but are afraid to commit to a new cut, try a little change in hue, perhaps a few more highlights or even a darker shade a la Carrie Bradshaw in the didn’t -quite- make- it -to- the- alter- with- Big phase.

If you’re friends have dubbed you “waterworks” because you haven’t stopped crying for days, weeks or even months be sure to add a de-puffing eye cream to your routine and for those extra swollen days try cooling eye gel masks. Like the ones from Duwop which are loaded with botanical extracts to rid you of dark circles and puffiness in a snap.

And after downing copious pints of ice cream, cocktails, french fries and other delicacies your skin may begin to rebel so be sure to take a little time to do a DIY facial including a a papaya or pumpkin peel and a deep cleansing mask followed by a rich night cream that will work while you sleep. Try The Best of Kate kit by Kate Somerville. It contains everything you need to perfect your complexion.

Once your skin is in tip- top shape add a little bronze glow with St Tropez self tanner because nothing says I am doing fine and living life like a healthy looking tan…seriously doesn’t everyone wonder what you’ve been up to when you show up tanned like a Grecian goddess?

And whatever you do have a good friend on speed dial that can talk you down from a spell of the crazies…remember that anything that involves scissors, dye or tattoo needles ranges from semi-permanent to forever… so leave it to a pro and stick to temporary things like new lipstick, shadow and spray tans!

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