Phoenix Salon Owner Develops Innovative At-Home Paraffin Wax Treatment

Cumbersome paraffin pots, long melt times and the huge mess associated with the paraffin wax treatment process drove Deanna Montrose, owner of Scissors Rox Paper salon in Phoenix, to invent an innovative and easy-to-use paraffin wax treatment.


“I developed gLOVE Treat because my clients would come to my salon for the hand paraffin wax treatment, but the process of heating blocks of wax and pouring into a glove was a bit of a pain and messy,” said Montrose, who has more than 25 years of experience within the luxury salon and spa industry.

Deanna Montrose, creator of gLOVE Treat
Deanna Montrose, creator of gLOVE Treat

The four-time use thermal heated gLOVE Treat is filled with therapeutic coconut oil and soothing lavender oil in a paraffin wax. Simply pop the one-size-fits-all gloves in the microwave for 2 minutes. The heart-shaped indicator on the gloves turns grey when the they are at the appropriate temperature for use. After 15 minutes of wear, tired hands and sore joints give way to soft, nourished and younger-looking hands that are ready for their own red carpet close-ups.

Each gLOVE Treat pair costs $40 and lasts for about a month. gLOVE Treat is available for purchase at

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