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New Beauty Innovations for 2010

As I sit here at my computer I can hardly believe that it is 2010! Happy New Year! I for one am looking forward to a glorious year full of optimism and prosperity! As noted previously I have my list of “goals” and I intend to begin taking my little baby steps starting today…. Well maybe tomorrow, today is one of those “salad days”… just pure enjoyment! I will say on my list is fixing a few skin care sins of my past. Even though I have a slew of skin care options at my fingertips, I often don’t have the discipline needed to correct the years of damage I have done both in the sun and with the lack of sleep that has plagued me for the last ten years.

In fact the other day I was on a shoot with two rather flawless beauties… no they were not the models, they were part of the photo crew and both had the most peaches and cream skin that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. It reminded me of that hilarious scene in “The First Wives Club” when a much tugged, pulled and plastified older actress Goldie Hawn talks to her husbands new eager homewrecking starlet girlfriend (Elizabeth Berkley) about playing her mother in a movie the ex is producing… At conversations end, Hawn pats Berkley’s face and just happens to linger a bit too long in a somewhat envious/ touchy feely way in awe of her smooth 20 something skin. Though it may not translate in print, now that I am in 40’s I get it completely.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

The good news is, these days anything is possible whether you want to rid yourself of lines, plump up or lift your lips, cheeks, nose, hands the only catch is it will cost you! 2010 brings a bevy of innovations that are soon to be as addictive as Botox and breast augmentations!

The latest fillers are not made of collagen, botullium toxins or hyalluronic acid, instead Selphyl is made of centrifuged blood….yes you heard me. The treatment has been used for years by doctors to help speed up recovery from injuries. Doctors remove 9 cubic centimeters from your own body (which equals about 1 vial) once the fibrin and platelets, are removed it’s then injected back into the body to stimulate collagen growth. The procedure runs about $1,000 on average and takes a few weeks to see results but there is less chance of complications and it lasts for several months.


So all those times that you may have said I wish that they could just take the fat from my tush and put it into my…..Well your day has arrived! Doctors are using stem-cell-rich back fat that has been harvested from lipo to help plump up breasts and faces. Dubbed the “stem cell facelift” the substance is injected into the face to lifts the cheeks or other areas, and helps restores more youthful contours,. When injected into the breasts, researchers claim that the stem cells encourage natural fat growth, so the plumped-up parts feel more natural and less fake. If this sounds appealing, next up stem cell procedures for hair!


Recently on a photo shoot with a medical company I heard all about the latest FDA-approved fat-contouring lasers. It seems they can tighten your face or physique with less downtime and less pain. But buyer beware the long term effects are still unkown! The Acculift procedure uses Lutronic’s AccuSculpt laser to rid under-eye bags, saggy jawline and neck using 1-millimeter-wide incisions. And if bat wings or a muffin top is the thing that plagues you the new Zerona laser runs about $1500 to $4000 per treatment but, it emulsifies fat cells with no incisions so the cells ultimately flush out via the lymphatic system. So save up girls because a new and firmer you is right around the corner!



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