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Yesterday I ran into an old (actually young) friend who had just recently started acting and it seems that this non- makeup wearing ingénue was having a difficult time adjusting to her new daily (well at least when she is being paid) primping routine and even worse she was feeling the skin care woes of her barely thirty year old complexion.

Like the majority of women in their thirties her skin rarely showed the signs of breaking out (until her new theatrical life of donning the face paint began) and her skin had balanced out to be a not too oily not too dry mix that was in her own words…just right. For most thirty-ish girls the biggest issue they tackle is the small brown spots beginning to creep up from years of lounging in the sun…let’s not even talk about all those Spring Breaks, and this is where most women start to feel the skin around the eyes getting a bit more dry. Overall, this is a good time for your skin.

If you are still hitting the tanning beds this is the time to give it up for spray tanning or the bottled bronze variety. Aside from smoking…tanning is your worse enemy now in terms of aging your skin. Stress and lack of sleep are also some of the biggest factors that cause genes to deteriorate…meaning take a bit of time out to relax and your face with thank you for it later.

At this stage of the game line fighting products should be filling your medicine chest. Use moisturizers with anti-oxidants C, A and even E which help lighten those nasty little brown spots and protect the skin from free radicals. Like Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer which harnesses the power of ALA DMAE and Vitamin C to keep you hydrated and glowing.

Switch to a gentle cleanser and skip anything harsh, now is the time to balance the skin not strip it, that dry feeling that you liked in your twenties post cleansing should be a thing of the past. Try Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. It’s Ph balanced to removed dirt and makeup without drying. After your pm wash incorporate a night cream that contains retinols or peptides to help fight wrinkles while you snooze.

This is also the time to add an eye cream to your daily routine if you haven’t already. The skin around the eye is fragile and deserves it’s own products, so tap on just a dab from the outer corner to the inner but avoid going up to the lash line which can leave you with puffy eyes when you wake up. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkles is a wallet friendly choice that works.

And don’t forget your weekly exfoliation, in your thirties the cell turnover process begins to slow so you want to give it a hand whenever possible…just remember that you can have too much of a good thing so use your scrub with care and not too frequently. Kate Sommerville’s Exfolikate is an intensive but safe choice and the top-selling product in this facialist line.

Equally as important, be sure your diet is rich in healthy foods like berries, nuts and leafy greens which will help skin to look radiant 24/7.

Tomorrow- forty something tips to keep you looking young and fresh!

  1. I thought DMAE was not good for your skin. There was even a huge piece about it on the news last night.

    1. Dear Kaytlin, As with all products anything than can be beneficial can also be toxic if used under the wrong conditions. DMAE is considered to be one of the few ingredients that produces skin tightening. The DMAE used in lab testing is generally the alkaline form, DMAE used in skin care is generally Ph balanced and considered neutral. Any products commonly used for anti-aging purposes such as alpha-hydroxy acids, chemical peels etc are a “controlled” form of skin damage to encourage the healing process and improve skins texture and it cannot be ruled out that DMAE may produce some degree of skin damaging similar to the above mentioned. As always test all products on your skin and if adverse reactions occur discontinue usage.

  2. I have recently turned 30 and boy do I know what you are talking about. In my younger years, if I wanted a tan, i did it the old fashioned way, I laid out! My skin today, not as pretty as it could be we will leave . I have recently started spray tanning. I had heard so many people threaten that it would turn you orange so it took me several years before I finally decided to go see what the fuss was about. I have to say I love it. it makes me look younger and more toned! It covers most of the minor imperfections my skin has gotten over the years. I don’t know what spray tanning solutions others are using but I use EnvyTan.

  3. “Like the majority of women in their thirties her skin rarely showed the signs of breaking out. ”
    Boy do I wish I belonged to that group. You have a great site, I’ve bk’d and will probably quote… Thanks

  4. Acne was probably my biggest insecurity through my teenage years. Throughout my work life also I was always stressing out and my face would break out with pimples, it was a total nightmare!

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