Mascara Wars – Which is right for you?

Not a day goes by that I am not asked about all the miracle lash growth products. Do they really work? Are they safe? etc etc The quest for uber full lashes over the last five years has gone “batty” shall we say. In my own little day spa we have offered lash extensions since we opened and clients clamor to have false lashes put on with almost every makeup application.

For this I will thank Pam Anderson and J Lo the two sirens that have never been shy about a little extra fringe that clients always want to emulate.

Just the other day I did a photo shoot with a darling girl who had just recently had mink lash extensions put on. Though she could not have been more sweet and fresh looking with a peaches and cream complexion I fear that her fluttery little endowment looked like something out of Valley of the Dolls. It was the first thing you saw and the last thing you remembered…. hhmm maybe not the exact look she was going for, but the good news it that extensions will shed as the weeks go on.

As far a Latisse, yes it works and if you are super careful you probably won’t have any issues…unless of course you have light blue or pale green eyes, then I might suggest proceeding with caution.

On the far more economical and accessible front, as a Beauty Editor I am constantly being sent samples of products to try and the latest crop of mascaras is no exception.

Though I haven’t every brand under the sun, I make it a point to ask anyone who’s face I paint which mascara they covet, these are the latest that are making the list.

I recently tried L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara, at first I wasn’t sure that the little fuzz ball on the end would do the trick but to my surprise every lash was easily covered. Though L’Oreal mascaras often tend to irritate my eyes after a while this one gave me no issues at all. If it’s good enough for Penelope Cruz.. hmmm

Honestly, I have rarely purchase much Clinique since my college days but their new High Lengths Mascara turned out to be a pleasant surprise. With three rows of rubberized bristles my lashes did seem to look super long and flirty and I didn’t end up with smudges.

Of course who can resist trying Cover Girl Lash Blast Lenghtening with Drew Barrymore plastered on the tube every ten seconds? Personally, I have never favored wand-like short bristly brushes. They were created to distribute lash fibers that stick to lashes for a fuller longer look, but being a contact lens wearer, I always have nightmares of little fibers swelling in my eyes. This brush certainly did the trick and my lashes did look separated and fuller which I liked, but I simply can’t get over my fiber haunting phobia.

Still with all the new mascaras I’ve tried I would have to say that my top two are Diorshow which now comes in latest formula DiorShow Extase with a tier shaped brush that helps curl lashes and it still leaves lashes as long and thick as ever.

And my all time favorite Kevyn Aucoin. I’ve said it a zillion times, this mascara has a shrink wrapping effect so it stays put, makes your lashes super full and long and comes off only when you take it off without harsh makeup removers.

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  1. I have always been one to stick to one brand because it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Maybe its time to try some others brands.

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