Makeup Artist to the Stars Sam Fine and Top Movie Makeup Artists!

I sat down at my computer today to pen something wonderfully “serious” about the fashion industry… some Paris Fashion Week shows perhaps? But, I had the most amazing weekend soaking up knowledge from some of the best makeup artists in the business that I couldn’t contain my excitement to just my small inner circle…. And since it’s Monday, don’t you want to read something fun… not heavy?

I didn’t even think that it could get any better than watching him in action but chatting face to face with the one and only Sam Fine about his latest collection for Fashion Fair called The Supreme Color Collection and delving into the amazing presence and professionalism that Sam has brought to his 20+ year career blew me away. He’s the guy that changed the way women of color wear makeup. In his hands Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams are even more gorgeous than we could have ever imagined. I am thrilled for Fashion Fair because Mr Fine is breathing new life into this sleeping brand… and guess what there is something for everyone… the lipsticks and eye shadows are amazing! Be sure to take a peek at our April beauty page and our April fashion pages to see what I am talking about..

sam-fine-concealerScreen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.14.12 PM

So my adventure continued after spending some time with Mr Fine, I then had the incredible good fortune of chatting with some of the most premiere artists working in Film and TV today. Now you may not know all of their names the way you might know artists in the pages of Vogue, but you have seen their work a thousand times and they are just as central to telling the story and making us feel emotions as in a blockbuster as the A-List stars who act them out.

Here’s a few of the talented and amazing individuals I had the pleasure of meeting… Eryn Krueger MeKash the gorgeous and talented makeup artist for American Horror Story and a slew of shows like Glee and Touch.. here’s some of her handiwork.


Or how about Lou Lazzara who is the most delightful, forthright and talented guy.. ever. He has worked with Arnold and The Rock on a ton of their gigs along with other moves like Lincoln, Dinner for Schmucks, Jarhead and oh about 65 other films.

dinner_for_schmucks scorpion-king-brow-cards

My darling friend Camille Henderson who lived in AZ back in the day had her first big film experience on Raising Arizona… I mean is there a better film ever to cut your teeth on? Since then she has gone on to have a massive career including Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl, The X-Files and shows like Raising Hope and Brothers and Sisters.

cage-raising-arizona pirates1

And then there is Lois Burwell the most eloquent, delightful British lady whose credits include War Horse, Braveheart, War of the Worlds, Saving Private Ryan (just scratching the surface), and Kenny Myers who is not only a genius but holds no punches (thankfully) his work mesmerized us in X Men-The Last Stand, Back to the Future, The Prestige, Pirates of the Caribbean :At World’s End and on and on … I can’t even say enough about these two consummate professionals who each on their own have resume’s that are too amazing to even fathom but they generously gave me a few minutes out of their busy day.

War of the WorldsSaving_Private_Ryan_08

A big thanks to The Makeup Show LA for creating a platform for artists of all levels to take their career to the next level.

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