Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Makeup Artist- Billy B

Fans have been waiting for weeks on pins and needles for the premiere of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video. As usual, Gaga is not one to disappoint -the video is so imaginative and breathtaking that is rendered me speechless…. A hard thing to do for sure!

The man responsible for giving Gaga a variety of looks from gorgeous glowing skin to ultra smokey eyes with a contoured pale face and an intricate skeleton look is Billy B (aka Billy Brasfield) This uber talented makeup impresario is on fire… really! You have already seen his work on the faces of everyone from Sharon Stone to Pink and everywhere from the red carpet to editorial spreads and covers. But it’s his current client Gaga that has everyone swooning. This weekend at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles Billy sat down with a few bloggers to answer our most pressing makeup questions.

What is Gaga like? He did share that even after all he has experienced in the business he never knows what to expect when working with her. Even if they discuss a game plan of looks prior, she is such a creative genius that you never really know what the final result will be and that challenges and inspires him. Of course the blogging lot of us wanted to know what he used on her for the video? Though he holds his top makeup secrets close to the chest, he did offer up that he loves MAC products and used Viva Glam as Gaga is extremely passionate about her involvement with the cause. He also shared that he loved Face Atelier foundation (one of my personal faves as well!) And he often uses simple drug store products like Eucerin lotion and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel to lend the perfect sheen on the skin. He doesn’t discriminate between brands, as long as it works he will use it from Dior to Chanel or L’oreal Voluminous mascara.

I asked what are the top items every woman should use before she heads out the door? If you only have time for a few things a) curl lashes and use black mascara, b) groom and fill in brows c) use a shiny gloss to enhance the lips and wake up the face.

I also asked what his biggest makeup pet peeve is and it didn’t take more than a second for him to responds that far too many women wear too much foundation. Instead of laying it on thick a thin veil of foundation then spot concealing works best.

Billy B has also created some of the best makeup brushes in the industry. Not only are they gorgeous but they are more- than- precise when it comes to the perfect application.
Big thanks to Mr B for lending his time to answer our questions! You can find out more about the man himself and his products at

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