Keeping Skin Young

I don’t know what was going on yesterday, I had the loveliest day and worked with some great new clients, but somehow it felt that someone was trying to send me a message. Each of my four clients yesterday was slim and beautiful and each had lots of children. From three to four to even seven children every one of these women was in no uncertain terms…Hot!

Perhaps this was motivation to get my booty back to the gym, (something I was going to do this morning anyway) or perhaps it was a nice little hint to say….seeee no excuses Ms Blogger! If the women with seven children and four grandchildren can look amazing then you have no excuse…by the way she was only three years older than me! If that’s not a wake up call I don’t know what is. Even more envious than each of their fit and toned bodies was their skin. One of the women had practically (and naturally) line-free skin and looked at least fifteen years younger than her chronological age of 60. Of course I couldn’t resist asking what her secret was to keeping her skin so healthy. She said the number one thing that saved her delicate skin was years ago upon moving to AZ a dermatologist told her that she needed to slather herself in sunscreen every day no matter what… and add to that a wide brimmed hat and long sleeve shirt. Well it worked! So here are some of my favorite ways to stay protected and look good doing it!

How adorable is this floppy hat from Juicy Couture?

It works well with any little summer sundress or swimsuit or these sandals also from JC.

Or this extra wide brimmed straw number also Juicy Couture. Wear it with the Juicy tote from

If you are looking for an easy long sleeve tee to keep your arms from getting too many rays I love this Bop Basics one from The asymmetrical hem adds just enough details to keep it from being boring.

Or how about this paper thin one from Theory, their tee’s are always at the top of my list, but be sure to wash on delicate and hang to dry.

Lastly, as a sunscreen advocate, never leave your door without it AND remember if you are spending ANY amount of time outside, a moisturizer with sunscreen is never enough so don’t be fooled!

Many of my clients swear by Anthelios by LaRoche Posay it’s a dermatological formula that contains both a chemical and physical sunblock to stop long and short rays and it’s FDA approved! For more info

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