Kate Spade Set To Launch Lipstick Line

Supercalifragilipsticks! No, this is not a horrible misspelling of the song lyrics from the classic Mary Poppins song made famous in 1964… although there is a Poppy in this story.

Now that I have used up my pun allowance for this blog, and I’m positive that’s exactly what designers at Kate Spade intended to happen (and we bloggers thank them) when they decided to name their new lipstick line set to launch in Fall 2011.

Kate Spade creative director Deborah Lloyd collaborated with Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, to create this new line of lipstick-gloss hybrids. According to King, “Deborah and I wanted to create a product that had the glamour of lipstick without the commitment to a full pigment.”

In case you are not familiar with Poppy King, she is no newbie to the lipstick world. She started her first lipstick line “Poppy” in 1992 at only 18 years of age. Having no prior professional experience with cosmetics she started the line because according to her, “I wanted lipsticks that gave me the look of the 1940’s. Rich, opaque and filled with pigment.” That line was in production for 12 years when Poppy decided to accept an offer in New York with a large cosmetic company, although she enjoyed her time there she decided that she wanted to once again own her business. Poppy’s newest line can be found at www.lipstickqueen.com

With this kind of experience behind the Supercalifragilipstick line, there is no doubt that these products will deliver the quality that Kate Spade clients have come to expect.

Four shades will be available at Kate Spade stores and online at katespade.com come this September: Pop Art Pink, a light pink; Bashful Blush, a sheer nude; Fuchsia Fete, a sheer fuchsia, and Adventurous Red, a sheer red. The goal says King was, “…to do something hyper-maximum rather than minimal.” The Lipsticks will be sold for $24 each.

A complementary collection of makeup cases printed with the various shades of lipstick and ranging in price from $60 to $145 will also be launched with the lipsticks—as well as a few lifestyle pieces and accessories.

Although Lloyd makes it clear that the Kate Spade brand is excited for this new endeavor it isn’t necessarily a precursor for a full-fledged cosmetic line anytime soon. “It just felt right. This isn’t about a wholehearted jump into the color cosmetics space — our girl wears lipstick, and we want to provide it for her. And Poppy is such a Kate Spade brand girl — she just got what we wanted to do. These colors are whimsical and fun and very us.”

The lipsticks are currently intended to be limited edition items, but there is always a chance that they may find a permanent home within the Kate Spade brand. “Never say never,” says Lloyd.

One last tidbit of fun Kate Spade lipstick launch news: In my research I stumbled upon a broken link on katespade.com that showed a small thumbnail for a “SUPERCALIFRAGILIPSTICK NECKLACE.” Fashioned in the same design as their Say Yes “I DO” and “Dazzle” Necklaces. Mistake or sneaky preview for the most die-hard Kate Spade followers? Who knows… But I will definitely be getting one to pair with what I’m sure will be my new favorite lipsticks.

By Kristianne Young

Sources: wwd.com and instyle.com
Photos: Kate Spade New York

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