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How to Properly Cleanse Your Skin!

So this morning, I got caught up in a bit of twitter. I must say it can be quite seductive. Perhaps this was all brought on by the fact that I am sitting on the panel tonight for the FGI June event Cheap and Chic ways to market yourself. I am super excited to be a part of the event… and even better I think each of us on the panel brings a different element to the table.

On another note, yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing two fab local fashion girls and hanging with them for a bit in the midst of a shoot for my good friend Angela (she’s also the awesome Director of Fashion Group Internationals AZ chapter) In any case the subject often turns to skin care or makeup when I am around…(surprise, surprise right?). The girls had some good questions for me about products, which made me realize that maybe I need to re-visit some basic truths about cleansing your face. I am a staunch believer that even with all the miracle creams, mircoderms, peels, dermaplaning etc nothing beats proper cleansing. And I find most often that is the step where women (and men) go wrong. We tend to misdiagnose a pimple as acne, or dehydration as dry skin.

So try this at home to see if you are using the right product. Wash your face with your normal cleanser, then do nothing…no toner, no moisturizer. How does it feel? Does it feel tight or dry? If so you are using a cleanser that is too strong for your skin. After cleansing your skin should feel fresh and clean not stripped of oil.

Then, leave your face alone (no products) and make a mental note of how long it takes before your skin becomes shiny or oily. If it becomes shiny within 15-30 minutes, you likely have oily skin, by noon then your skin would fall into the normal range, if it never really becomes shiny or oily until late in the day then you are probably dry.

Equally as important is the moisture content of your skin, are you dehydrated? One way to check is to pull skin taught at the jaw line then with your other hand push up the skin to compress the pores together. If you are dehydrated your skin will have a somewhat rhinoceros or reptilian like texture. And FYI It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, you can be dehydrated!

So if you find that you are over cleansing, dehydrated or breaking out from over cleansing here are a few great basic cleansers to try.

Cetaphil is a good all purpose cleanser but it works best with an old school method that I learned years ago. Massage the cleanser on dry skin, take a soft muslin cloth dampened in warm water, lay it over the face, press in slightly then remove wiping off the cleanser, follow that by rinsing 10-15 times with warm (not hot) water. This will help clear your pores and keep skin fresh.

Another more natural version is Burts Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing cream. Use it the same way as instructed with Cetaphil and your skin will be super clean but not super dry.

Of course if you have skin conditions beyond the normal, always check with your doctor or dermatologist.

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  • Alvin Frere says:

    I appreciate you for spelling it out so clearly, once i began researching this I was a skeptic, but now I’m always seeking info. Many thanks once more, I hope you don’t mind if I link this tomy blog so that my readers can take advantage of this info aswell Thanks

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