Holiday Makeup Looks

There are certain ages at which one can be quite adventurous with makeup and not be accused of looked like a painted doll other ages when you get into a routine and stay there for fear that someone will call you out on that gold shadow or newly crimsoned lip.


I for one was always quite the risk taker plums, reds, pinks bring it on… but sadly as time went on and my career grew busier the dreaded “daily” face routine became the norm. I am all for having a signature look and I wish that I could happily claim it, but the truth is…. the further you get from the age of 16 the less time you have to spend in the bathroom wondering if that new eye shadow will suddenly have onlookers swooning at your feet or if it’s rather tragic. In fact I see it happening with my nieces, they have reached that magical age in their mid twenties when they want to look good but spending time on makeup is the last thing they have penciled in… so they too are settling in for a trio of face shades that will work in any scenario. Well, this year I say it’s time to shake things up a bit and throw caution to the wind for the holidays.


One of my favorite looks is a smokey eye and this winter a bit of bedazzled gold looks festive with a charcoal eye and a sheer red lip. Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow in Golden Radiance is a great pick and it works well with Dior’s All in One Artistry Palette in Smoky Design. Add to that MAC lipstick in Utter Fun and you have a sexy party ready look.

Dior Shadow
Dior Shadow

And while we are on the gold note Illamasqua the ridiculously named but super pigmented line of smoldering shades has gorgeous creamy metallic shadows that work smashingly well for an after 6 party but please don’t attempt these when the sun is up… with up to 30 percent more pigments people might wonder if you’ve gone drag!


Another simple way to spice up the night is with the latest superbold lip shades. Fans are loving Covergirl’s Outlast pen to impart a non-glossy lips stain that won’t rub off after the first cocktail.

Outlast Lip Pens
Outlast Lip Pens

How about a tad bit of glitter on the lids to add a voltage? I adore the Makeup Forever Diamond Powder. In fact one bride almost started to cry when she saw how sparkling she looked with just a tad of it on her lids. Any shade of metallic will send you over the moon but the bronze is my personal fav.

And finally another way to make an impact is switching up your regular smokey eye with a bit of glimmering green. Mossy shades topped with a hint of metallic silver make a great combo and when paired with a pale lip the look reaches runway status


  1. On the one hand, I wish I knew more about makeup—especially eye makeup—specifically, el smokey. But on the other hand, I’m glad I don’t because I’ve saved a lot of money.

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