Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery

Original Heidi and in 2007 after first surgeries

I told myself I was going to button my lip, but I am sorry I just can’t seem to keep quiet on this one. The People magazine article starts out “What would drive a 23 year old starlet to undergo head- to- toe plastic surgery?” Yes we are talking about Heidi Montag.

Before and After People Magazine cover

Well let’s think about this…. Regular girl gets off the bus (metaphorically speaking) in Hollywood with hopes and dreams of becoming the next Britney slash Jennifer only to land on the empty headed runaway hit The Hills, she hooks up with super tool Spencer Pratt, she tastes a taste of the good life, hires the best plastic surgeon she can find, secures a money hungry agent who promises to make her wildest dreams of a singing career come true, makes a dismal music video, continues to star in awful reality TV shows and obsesses over her appearance in every blog and rag magazine she sees.

Original Heidi and in 2007 after first surgeries

Sadly (and I mean it sincerely) poor Heidi took a sip of the Kool- Aid. I can’t decide whether she is actually a marketing genius or if she really is just a troubled soul who found out that fame does not bring true happiness maybe, it’s a bit of both. Either way in case you haven’t read or heard, the girl has undergone ten procedures to procure perfection. In one day she received a brow lift, nose job revision, chin reduction, neck, waist, hip, inner and outter thigh liposuction, ear pinning, breast augmentation revision, buttock augmentation and botox in the forehead and frown area plus fat injections in the nasolabial folds and lips. Just hearing about it makes me ache profusely. I still don’t understand the logistics myself, how does one receive a breast augmentation and buttock augmentation on the same day and still manage to lie down?

Personally I think she looked great after the first nose job and breast augmenting three years ago. Clearly she could have undergone half of the procedures or less and looked amazing but psychologically it sounds like the poor girl is dealing with some real dysmorphic issues. I wonder just how much time she has put into vocal coaching and singing lessons in her quest for pop stardom? I guess we will find out when her new album comes out!

Strangely I feel as if the entire world is watching The Little Engine That Could climbing uphill saying to itself “I think I can, I think I can” but eventually it will reach the top and pick up speed on the downhill just before the crash. I can’t even get into the impact that “stars” have on young girls who feel they need to torture themselves to be pretty or feel whole. The more serious question for Heidi is now that she feels perfect when does it stop? When is perfect, perfect enough? So what happens next? She has already admitted that she will continue with maintenance for years to come anytime she needs a tweak. Hmm this sounds familiar hello Janice Dickinson (who by the way is coming to Montag’s defense) Cher, Courtney Love and the notorious plastic surgery junkie nicknamed Cat Woman- Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Janice Vogue cover from the 80's
Janice Dickinson's plastic surgery list
Jocelyn Wildenstein

I say stop now Heidi you have reached perfection on the outside, now it’s time to sort out the inner girl and learn to be comfy with yourself as is and really now we don’t want to see you in ten or twenty years with a plastic nose or panther like cheekbones and size triple J breasts.

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