Head to Toe- Summer Skin Tips

There really is no way around it, baring a little skin (or a lot in the case of a bathing suit) is part of the summer season. With tank tops, shorts, and summer dresses becoming closet staples it is imperative that our skin is always looking its best.

Here are 10 head-to-toe tips that will help you maintain gorgeous skin all summer long:

1. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week is one of the most important steps toward healthy glowing skin. During the summer elements such as the sun and chlorine can cause dry skin. A gentle body scrub will slough off dead and dry skin cells leaving your skin baby soft.

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2. Avoid tanning beds, which can cause dry skin and lead to premature aging (aka wrinkles and sun spots) and opt for a self-tanner instead. To obtain a streak-free application make sure to exfoliate first! If you are new to self-tanners or have had a bad experience in the past be sure to check out our blog on the Top Self-Tanner’s To Try before getting started.

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3. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries…what do these berries have in common? Well beside the fact that they are all berries they also contain a high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants slow the aging process as well as protect the skin from sun damage. Next time you’re at the grocery store stock up and make a yummy berry smoothie. Cheers to healthy skin!

4. Maybe you haven’t always taken the appropriate steps toward protecting your skin from the sun and as a result have noticed areas of your skin that appear lighter or darker than normal. Sun sports or “age spots” can be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. Don’t worry it’s nothing that a skin brightening or lightening product can’t fix or at least fade.

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5. You know the cliché “you are what you eat?” Well, sorry to tell you that you are also what you drink. Staying hydrated will keep your skin glowing and radiant. With the abundance of summer drinks and cocktails (Mojito anyone?) it is easy to forget to drink water…. I find the easiest way is to drink equal amounts of water to whatever else it is I’m drinking.

6. Sunscreen…You didn’t really think we would forget did you? Sunscreen Rules: 1. SPF 15 at the very least 2. Apply often 3. Reapply after swimming or working out 4. Apply everywhere… even between your toes (ask Dr. Oz)

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7. Unfortunately heat plus water equals bugs. Nothing is more annoying than an itchy insect bite. To avoid scratching and making the bite red and inflamed use an anti-itch lotion for relief.

8. Pamper your feet. Walking in sandals and heels everyday can cause cracked and calloused heels. Use a heel repair cream daily, soak feet in warm water at least 1-2 times a week and use a pumice stone to help get rid of callouses.

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9. Invest in a good summer lotion. Body butters are great for winter but who wants to wear a thick lotion during the summer? Switch to a lighter weight lotion that won’t leave you feeling greasy plus now is the time to indulge in scents like coconut and “beach” (you know what I mean).

10. There is no doubt—it’s hot outside. The combination of heat, humidity, and sweat can cause major summer breakouts and not just on your face. A few tips for staying breakout-free this summer: 1. Keep hair off of face, try a fun headband or summer braid 2. Switch to a tinted moisturizer 3. Wash face day and night and after working out 4. Use an acne-fighting body wash.

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Alright ladies, now go show that bathing suit who’s boss!

By Kristianne Young

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