Hair Beware – Brazilian Blowout Hazard!

Let’s face it… we are obsessed with hair, shiny, flowing locks are our crowning glory after all and many women will do whatever they must to get them. Over the last few years spawned on by our desire to look like our favorite celebs there has been an incredible increase in a few hair services in particular namely extensions and hair straighteners.

Three years ago when the Brazilian Blowout came on to the scene there were some concerns about the amount of formaldehyde involved, but as with all things beauty, most women would rather have the gorgeous mane and worry about the consequences later.

As the popularity of the keratin based treatments increased concerns kind of fell by the way side, until this year that is when the International Agency for Research of Cancer and OSHA both became involved. The Brazilian Blowout Solution had claimed that they used non-toxic keratin ingredients instead of formaldehyde but when stylists performing the services began to complain about headaches, nosebleeds and breathing troubles an investigation was launched. Formaldehyde is considered a noxious carcinogen and fumes can potentially cause cancer not only to the person applying it, but to the person receiving the treatment. The danger for the client is not necessarily done that day but as the chemical breaks down over the following months there is no telling if it can affect the client.

Though the California company that makes the Brazilian Blowout product has filed a countersuit claiming that OSHA results were wrong, the data is pretty clear showing that formaldehyde fumes exit and not the .02% that is considered safe but rather anywhere from 4-10.95% way higher than the allowed amount.

In fact many of the nation’s top salons such as Frederic Fekkai, John Barrett and Sally Hershberger have stopped offering the service all together. Many smaller salons saw the treatment as a no brainier cash cow but for most continuing the treatments means stepping up the ventilation in their salons.

So what are you to do if you can’t part with your Brazilian Blowout treatment?
Lessen the frequency at which you receive the treatments.

If you suffer from any immune problems, are susceptible to sickness or have sinus or allergy problems buy a hospital mask or even a respirator type mask to wear during your service.

Be sure to get plenty of fresh air following the treatment and never have any service performed if you are nursing or pregnant.

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