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Great Beauty Gifts!

I can remember the first time I peered into my Mom’s Avon lady tester kit. It was a huge pink box filled with mini sized lipsticks, shadows, foundation sticks and blushes. I was endlessly amused by the zillions of colors and spent many a morning in my grade school days applying what I thought was imperceptible amounts of base and mascara to make myself look as flawless as the models I perused in magazines. As a “tween” I recall my first real trip to the makeup counter for a makeover. In hindsight I realize now that the forest green shadows, berry red lips and rosy red blush were probably not my best look but I was overjoyed to own my very first kit complete with mini brushes and a mirror. After that I became hooked on any unfolding palette no matter what the contents were good, bad or ugly.

Makeup Forever Aqua Collection

Makeup Forever Aqua Collection

This season I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the colossal kits that have popped up by some of my favorite brands. Makeup Forever Aqua Eye Collection is the most luscious set of eyeliners I could ever wish for, with 25 colors ranging from classic black to hot pink you can create just about any look imaginable. And knowing how smashingly these pencils stay on I couldn’t dream up a better set if I tried. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to unleash their inner artist.

Estee Lauder Color Spectacular

Estee Lauder Color Spectacular

Or a great gift that will have your favorite Aunt or Mom in Law singing your praises, the Estee Lauder Color Spectacular featuring a pretty little champagne colored train case, fifteen pan eye shadow palette, trio of blushes, four lipsticks, brushes, liner and mascara, but quantities are limited so don’t procrastinate.

New 20 Piece Bare Essentials Set

New 20 Piece Bare Essentials Set

For the mineral makeup lover the ever popular Bare Essentials has cranked out another whimsical twenty-one piece collection of shadows liners, blushes, glosses and mini brushes. These vibrant shades give endless possibilities whatever your mineral mood..

Of course Nordstrom has it’s own little…make that -big blockbuster of a Palette containing one hundred-forty-four shades of shadows and a dozen blush colors to suit any fancy, but again it’s a limited time only so get your wish list started.

Sephora Play Palette

Sephora Play Palette

And for the absolute makeup junkie on your gift list the Sephora ultimate collection filled with over one hundred shadows, sixty lipsticks, eighteen sparkly shadows, cream liners and shimmery blushes. It’s like the mother of all makeup extravaganzas. If you can’t find the color your heart desires after this…you never will darling.


  • Kaytlin says:

    Since my teen’s years, I’ve always hung on to Clinique, but more recently I’ve heard rave review on Bare Essentials. Maybe I’ll step away and give them a try.

  • Deean says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Bare Essentials so badly! Those eye shadow colors are so fun and festive too!

  • Tina Ray says:

    the holidays are the best time to but beauty stuff. you get all the little extras and great packaging.

  • marianne says:

    everyone who tries bare essentials LOVES it….

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