Getting a great faux tan

So after a nice long weekend of leisure and a few gorgeous weddings it’s back to the beauty and fashion biz. Not that I am complaining, I mean really don’t I live for this stuff? I am probably the only person in the entire state who didn’t work on their tan this weekend. But after years of being in the sun on location shoots I am paying for my sins, the cumulative damage has been done and now it’s a daily battle rid myself of these little venomous pigmentation spots, so when everyone else is toasting themselves to a rich shade of bronze I am hiding.

To make matter worse my body has become a shade of pale that I have never quite experienced. I particularly noticed the lack of color after viewing the photos of friends and I at the Sex And The City 2 premiere. I was wearing a dress that had some peek-a-boo sleeves and revealed my pastiness. To this I say darn you my warm bathroom lights that fooled me into thinking that I actually had some color. In any case I am working on the self –tan today and probably for the next 100 days of summer to come…. So I am armed with some of my favorite products to achieve my faux glow. Here’s my foolproof routine.

First be sure to exfoliate any area of the body that will be receiving a tan. Use a salt or sugar scrub without a lot of oil because a slippery surface will not grab the self tanner. Use your scrub in a circular motion then rinse thoroughly. I have rediscovered an old favorite Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, Nothing beats that eucalyptus and rosemary scent and it doesn’t contain oil.

Save the shaving step until after you use your scrub, unless of course you like the sensation of pouring salt in an open wound…enough said there. Shaving of course is an extra step in the exfoliation process so you will be extra prepped for a good tan!

Add a little moisture with a light -weight lotion that’s not too greasy. Concentrate on your elbows knees and feet as these are the areas that tend to get the most blotchy. Wait 5-10 minutes for the lotion to absorb before you add the tanner. If you overdid the lotion buff the skin with a soft towel to remove excess product. I like Cera Ve because it’s moisture packed but not heavy or greasy like other serious lotions. And the best part- you can pick it up at the drug store!

Lastly when it comes to applying your self tanner start gradually and resist the temptation to slather on a ton of that bronzy cream just because you are running out the door (ok, guilty as charged) work from the top to the bottom and be sure to blend in extra-extra well to avoid big streaks. If you are using the self tanner on your face put a drop on your forehead, nose and each cheek then blend outward until the product disappears. Don’t forget to check in the mirror to be sure you blended well and didn’t miss anything major. And if you have the option always go with a shade appropriate for your skin tone ( fair girls should skip the dark shades) I love Rodial Brazilian Tan it glides on smoothly and comes in light, daily and dark shades.

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