How to Dye Your Hair With Nutella

Yes, you read that title right! Besides being a delicious dessert, who would’ve thought that Nutella can also be used as hair dye?

The Abed & Samer salon in the United Arab Emirates thought so. Using beauty blogger Huda Kattan as a model, stylist Abed Allahitani simply mixed Nutella and condensed milk to make the chocoalatey color.

Of course, the whole process was documented on Instagram – from painting sections of hair with Nutella and drizzling the condensed milk on top, to folding the hair with foil.

Katatn captioned: ““???????????????????????? I can’t believe this!! Hair coloring using Nutella by @abedallahitani Nice results, who would try this? #hudabeauty.”

After letting the color sit and apply, the foils were removed to reveal a rich chestnut brown color, much like the hue of the hazelnut spread itself.

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