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Body Bare Trends and Spray Tanning Tips

I was all set today to write an article about fashion tips and began taking a poll of the girls at book club last night when suddenly the conversation turned to other more pressing matters (at least in the minds of my friends) like waxing from top to bottom, the girls had secret questions about it all … and now that GL is no more where should they go and who should they trust?. And what the heck is all this commotion about blinging it? Controversial as this may seem, if my stay at home Mom friends are asking about it… how can I ignore it? Apologies, apologies….

At Glam Lounge we had our share of waxing options but particularly around Valentine’s Day we always had special requests…though it wasn’t our specialty blinging up ones lady-bits have been gaining quite the momentum in the last year or so…. The trend called Vajazzling has been receiving lots of press lately and apparently celeb Jennifer Love Hewitt is the poster child for adding a little secret bling down below. The post brazillian bikini waxing bling with Swarovski crystals generally comes in the shape of hearts, stars or you can of course do a custom design. For the shy girls that still just wanna have fun try adding crystals to your hip or upper thigh, below the belly button. If you are super shy you might try an at-home kit (after professional waxing of course)

Take a peek at JLH on the George Lopez show on this you tube video.

On another body conscious note, with the warmer weather creeping up fast for so many it’s time to get their tan on. If you are a spray- tanning addict, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Mystic.

Exfoliate – Always take the time to exfoliate pre-tan and slough off the rough stuff, otherwise your tan will stick to the old skin that’s about to shed itself and your tan will be gone in just a few days.

Moisturize – Applying a good water based moisturizer a few hours before you tan (post exfoliation of course) will ensure that your tan will go on more evenly and last longer. The more moisturized your skin pre- and post tan the longer the tan will last.

Wear the proper clothes – Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid smudging post spray. And avoid wearing white unless you don’t mind tossing that tee in the trash.

Follow the instructions of the tanning salon you frequent – Most tanning salons have a handout or a list of steps to follow…Follow it! Generally these handouts are specific to their products or formulas and will only benefit your service.

Wipe off – After your spray be sure to catch any drips with a towel and do a gentle buffing anywhere that there is excess… the more the product drips the better chance you have of streaking and splotching

Apply Cream to hand and feet – these are the areas that can get really dark if they are dry, be sure to moisturize like crazy to avoid a two-toned body

Body Wash- Most people don’t realize it but the body wash you use for the next few days can have a huge effect on how long the tan lasts. Choose body washes without sodium lauryl sulfate or other sulfates and be sure to find products that are natural without too much foaming which can strip off the color faster. Be sure to moisturize every day as the drier skin is the fast it will slough off and the shorter the duration of your tan.


  • Georgia says:

    Great article on spray tanning! I love how you point out about the body wash being important as it can effect the life of your tan. When you are spray tanning, or self tanning, it is veryimportant to use products that do not adversely effect the life and look of your spray tan. These safe to use products are called “DHA friendly products”. I use DHA friendly body wash (Bodyguard), and DHA friendly sunscreen (Hands Off). I get both products online, from EnvyTan. Keeping your skin moisturized will also help prolong the life of your spray tan.

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