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Can we talk about age-less? In the ultimate act of age defiance enter the woman formerly known as the material girl- Please oh, please tell me that you saw Madonna on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. Madonna and Lady Gaga had me laughing so hard I thought I would rip a stitch…that is if I had stitches.

Click here to see the Madonna and Gaga Clip

At the young ol’ age of fifty, there really is no comparison, Madonna made Gaga look…well not so gagalicious… now I know I have commented about her before, you see Lady G is a bit of a mystery to me…. I see the bravado, I see the inventiveness, I see the hubris… but not so much of the talent…hold a moment let me trim my claws, okay, back to Madonna… aside from the plastic surgery, oxygen facials (which I too swear by and thank goodness I own a spa that does the same variety) killer yoga, a personal chef and a staff to help her every whim, please tell me how she does it? It’s like the picture of Dorian Gray…why I don’t think I have a seen a version of Ms M as good as this since the SEX book…. And really that was more than I needed to see… In any case I have decided I want to be Madonna when I grow up, heck I would even settle for looking like Demi… but oh sadly, my Starbuck’s unsweetened green tea can only do so much to hold back the age radicals. So in an effort to stop, turn back or slow down the clock I have embarked on a few fabulous beauty gems that I would love to keep to myself but I simply cannot.


First – Glam Balm by Rodial. I adore this company and I adore this slippery little balm, it absorbs quickly so there no sticky aftermath. You can use it anywhere that you need a little hydration, tightening or repair. The company boasts a 30% reduction in lines and a 40% inscrease in lip volume when used as a lip balm regularly. But this is definitely a commitment product, you won’t see any major differences for at least a month or two…but patience is a virtue isn’t it.

Rodin Olio Lusso – I practically squealed with delight when Linda Rodin called to inquire whether I might be interested in carrying her line at my store. I have been hearing about her anti-aging treatment for quite some time. Rodin herself has been in the fashion biz for forty years as a model then a stylist and editor so she was privy to the inside scoop on products and after years of searching for the perfect elixir she decided to create one. Packed with eleven pure essential oils this serum is like a gift from above.

Lastly a bit of skin care advice, stop sleeping face down on your pillow. For most of my forty blah blah years I slept face up… waking in the morning without a crease anywhere from the neck up… but as of late I find myself tossing an turning into a stomach sleeper, even just that little bit of random face down sleeping has changed the way my skin seems to bounce back. Though I knew it intellectually, now I have proof… get a better pillow and sleep face up if you heart your line free skin!

  1. Missed Madonna, but have you seen how Goldie Hawn is aging? Scary!
    Thanks Diane for the product info. I want to try your oxygen facials at Glam Lounge!!!
    Will try (with perseverance the Glam Balm).

    1. Essential oils are one of the best ways to feed nutrients into the skin. These types of oils will absorb quickly into the skin and leave it as my husband says “glowing” and healthy!

  2. Ladies, just spent the better part of the week at various quick appointments at Glam Lounge. Pamper yourself during these tough times to defy age and anxiety! This is a darling place that is ready to cater to your every whim of age defying treatments of the trade. How can you attend the next best Barney’s opening without a little “Express Glam” or “Quickie”?????

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