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How to Achieve Your Best Smile for Your Wedding Day

Besides the dress and the ring, a bride’s best accessory on her wedding day is her smile. Whether you’re planning ahead or are in need of a quick fix before the big day, every bride wants to feel confident with a beautiful and natural smile. Here, Dr. Stuart Frost of Damon™ Smile shares some knowledge on what available orthodontic treatment options are as easy as saying, “I do!”


AFMWhat do brides tend to look for when it comes to their smile?
Dr. Frost: Most brides want to look their absolute best on their big day and their smile is no exception. Being able to show off a beautiful smile on the happiest day of your life is a gift. Brides-to-be come in requesting straight, beautiful, white teeth that they’ll be proud to show off!

AFM: How can a bride plan to have her best smile for the big day?
Dr. Frost: 
The first step is to commit to an orthodontic consultation. It’s important to find an expert in your area. Check out online references and location services such as Damon™ Smile’s  Damon Doctor Locator that will provide you with recommendations in your area, along with contact info and directions. Most first consults are complimentary and the right orthodontist will help a bride-to-be complete treatment in the shortest time possible, before the big day.

AFMIf a bride plans ahead and has the means, what treatment options are available to her? How long does treatment typically take?
Dr. Frost: 
Orthodontics has come a long way. It isn’t just big, ugly metal brackets anymore. We offer very aesthetic options for adult patients such as clear aligners and DamonTM Clear braces. The average traditional treatment time in my office is about 12 months. We’re now able to offer accelerated treatment using non-evasive devices that can shorten treatment time 30-50 percent. New treatment mechanics are an excellent choice for brides with a short lead time before their wedding day.

AFMWhat treatment options are best for the bride on the go who just wants a quick fix before her big day?
Dr. Frost: 
I suggest an accelerated treatment option using a clear aligner or Damon Clear braces. In my experience, fixed brackets and wires are able to deliver more precise results and are still virtually invisible. Additionally, clear braces can correct cases of all difficulties while aligners are specific to minor corrections. All that said, I have finished some cases in as little as three months.

AFMDo any of the treatments involve a certain amount of recovery time or period of discomfort that brides should plan for?
Dr. Frost: 
I love that I can offer my patients faster treatment with very little discomfort. There shouldn’t be any recovery time other than the normal soreness involved with braces or aligners. Many times, accelerated treatment actually causes LESS discomfort.

AFMAre personal consultations available? How would a bride get started with treatment?
Dr. Frost: 
Personal consultations are available and in my office a bride can get started with treatment that same day if she is ready to start her smile transformation. Give my office—Frost Orthodontics—a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Dr. Stuart Frost

Dr. Stuart Frost is a Damon Smile provider serving the greater Mesa, Ariz., area. To learn more about Dr. Frost and his practice, Frost Orthodontics, please visit

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