5 Natural Summer Beauty Solutions

Something about summer just makes me want to be as lazy as possible. And who can blame me really, with temperature in excess of 100 degrees I certainly don’t want to be laboring away in the mirror to look good. Not only that, I want to use as few products as I can to get the job done, so uncomplicated but effective is a must. And even one step further, uncomplicated can also mean stripping things down to using products with fewer and more natural ingredients.

For my dry skin, synthetic moisturizers just don’t seem to hold up after an hour or two of heat exposure and often leave my skin feeling even drier than before. One of my favorite body hydrators is pure coconut oil. Not only does it nourish and revitalize the skin but it leaves you feeling soft and smooth all day… this means no alligator elbows or dry feet either! You can find a variety of brands at health food stores or Whole Foods.

To stave away dry skin on my face and soften those dreaded expression lines from squinting in the sun I rely on John Masters Organics Pomegranite facial nourishing oil. Just a few drops of this oil made from a blend of fourteen oils including olive, geranium and primrose keep my skin fresh and glowing. Johnmasters.com

Back when I had my beauty boutique one of our top selling body products was Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub and this little number is still one of my all- time favorites for sloughing off dead skin, plus it naturally contains caffeine which help reduce cellulite and stimulates the circulation…but the best part, it’s made with sustainable Indonesian coffee and it’s smells like a yummy mocha… what could be better? Juaraskincare.com

In my twenties I could go sans foundation, but these days that isn’t exactly a smart option, so in the summer I seek out the most lightweight base that still provides some coverage. Alison Raffaele makes the perfect organic foundation and powder that helps even out my complexion and doesn’t end up looking a fright after a few hours of heat. The best part- there are plenty of anti-oxidants to help feed the skin without all the icky stuff like parabens and synthetics. alisonraffaele.com

And lastly one of my favorite organic cosmetic lines RMS makes these pretty little lip-2-cheek pots that are completely free of chemicals and come in six killer shades. I adore the berry toned shade “ Modest” for summer, but each one I have tried is a winner. rmsbeauty.com

By Diane Aiello

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