5 Easy Beauty Resolutions for 2010

Who Hoo! Here is it the final day of 2009 and I am so ready to get dressed up and have a night on the town… I still haven’t fully decided what I am going to wear but at least I have a few good options…much better than two days ago when I had none. Of course the dawning of each year brings with it the desire for change and improvement in the form of “resolutions”, I for one feel less compelled by this ritual every year and decided that a better thing for me would be a “goal” board. It sounds so much more positive don’t you think?


My goal board is rather a watered down version of what some might call a “vision” board. Perhaps I have seen too many clichés of those… expensive cars, oversized homes, some form of fame etc on the boards… hey, I am a simple girl really… you know Diane from the block, but again to each his own darling I would never besmirch one for desiring a step up.

I rather tend to focus on areas of wellbeing, such a broad stroke, yes but many of you are focusing on it too based on the gazillion questions I get on how to improve ones skin, etc so here is my end of the year gift, a list of easy beauty resolutions to help you look your most divine in 2010.



1 2x a Days – I am shocked at the dismally lazy attitude makeup wearers have towards washing ones face in the morning and at night. Turn this into a habit just
like brushing your teeth and your skin will love you for it. Your skin heals and regenerates as you sleep so if you leave makeup, dirt, and pollution on your skin…that is what it will drink in during the night… and the reward…blackheads, clogged and stretched pores, blemishes and a rough texture. To find the appropriate cleanser, wash your face and leave it sans moisturizer for 30 min. If the skin feels tight and dry, your cleanser is too harsh for your skin, switch to something more gentle that you can use two times a day.


2-You may recall my little trip to that uber makeup store a few months ago which threw me in a frenzy about makeup dirty brushes. If you wear makeup on a regular or semi regular basis you must wash your brushes once a week. You will see an immediate difference in the smoothness and texture of your skin…along with less breakouts. Use a gentle organic cleanser, baby shampoo or non phosphorous laundry detergent, rinse really well and lay flat to dry after squeezing out excess water.


3- Toss your old makeup. I find this always a fun chore because who doesn’t love a reason to buy new makeup? Rid yourself of mascara after 3 months, concealers, foundations and moisturizers at the 1 year mark, blush, eye shadows and powders at the 2 year mark and pencil after 24-36 month maximum… that is only if your sharpen regularly!


4- Wear SPF everyday even when it’s the sun isn’t showing itself. This is one of the best anti-aging things you can do for your skin. Make it a minimum of 15 spf…but 30 is even better!

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