4 Tried & True Concealers!

After an eventful weekend of working with possibly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, then visiting with family, then a quick trip to the emergency room for stitches (note to self: do not touch the cat when she is freaked out by the vacuum cleaner) I woke this morning thinking about how I was going to cover this mess of scratches and stitches before an upcoming taping for a beauty and style segment?

Even for a makeup artist this twelve inch three pronged row of scratches will be an intimidating project. When it comes to makeup, I am nothing if not a nut about finding the right concealer. The good news is that with Halloween right around the corner, hopefully everyone will assume it’s part of a costume.

So I began to pull out every concealing product in my arsenal, and set forth like a mad scientist mixing creations in her lab. While I am at it, I wanted to share some of my favorite products that do an amazing job of covering just about anything from dark circles to bruises and scratches.

MakeupForEver has long been a makeup artist favorite and in the past few years the general populous has caught on to how amazing this line really is. The Full Cover concealer does an incredible job of hiding your most extreme “issues” like scars, skin damage, birthmarks and pigmentation, plus it stays on and on and on. makeupforever.com

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer really is amazing! I discovered this little gem years ago in a Hollywood makeup store and was hooked instantly, not only did it cover the vampire veins under my eyes but it didn’t get cakey. Plus it covers a myriad of skin sins and stays put for a long time. The trick is to moisturize the skin first before applying just a dab of concealer. A little goes a looong way! Amazingcosmetics.com

Lancome Effacernes concealer is a super waterproof formula that glides on smoothly and just a little dab lasts all day. It immediately hides the tell tale sign of tiredness or stress plus it covers those dreaded little blemishes like a charm. Lancome-usa.com

And lastly one of my all time favorite concealer/foundations for a flawless finish is Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. This little pot of magic works perfectly as a concealer when it’s at full strength and a smooth foundation when thinned just slightly with moisturizer. With this product I have even covered a black eye without much fuss and it stays put until you wash it off. Plus the gorgeous colors range from the lightest of light to darkest ebony tones. Kevynaucoin.com

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