4 Remedies for Parched Skin

Yesterday I had the pleasure of coordinating a lovely fashion show for the Arizona Costume Institute’s holiday charity luncheon. It proved to be an amazing group of women who loved the mix of current and vintage fashions that we put together for the runway…and of course I can’t forget about the lovely models that worked the stage like a dream.

After the show I had the opportunity to chat with a few of the women in the crowd and as is often the case the conversation turns from fashion to makeup to digging for a little skin care advice as to what they should do with their extremely parched skin this time of year. Why even the models were sporting some ashy looking knees and elbows before the show began. So if you are struggling with a bit of parched skin yourself, here are a few ways to keep your complexion glowing this winter.

In the winter time the humidity drops and the combination of lower temperatures and wind chill factors all contribute to cracked, chapped skin so be sure not to over compensate for the chilly air by cranking up the heat too high or showering and bathing in super hot water. Both things leach the moisture from your skin leading to extreme dryness. Instead, try to take shorter showers with warm not hot water and try to choose shower gels that don’t contain sodium laurel sulfates like Kiehl’s Aloe Vera liquid cleanser. Follow up with a body oil like Aura Cacia almond oil or a lotion that contains alpha hydroxy acid to help slough off the dry skin.

Remember that when the temps drop it’s time to adjust your overall skin care routine. Put away those strong foaming cleaners, harsh exfoliators and products with heavy retinoids, instead switch to hydrating or creamy cleansers and use a microfiber exfoliating cloth a few times a week. Gentle exfoliation will help slough off dry patches so all the nutrients from your serums and moisturizers can penetrate the skin. I am a big fan of layering products such as peptide serums followed by facial oils Sonya Dakar omega oils, then night creams. The effect leaves you with fresh glowing skin in the morning.

Don’t forget the same goes for your lips, knees and elbows, don’t forget to exfoliate regularly then follow with a rich lip balm or an ointment like Rosebud Salve that works wonders and stashes in your makeup bag.

And don’t think that just because it’s winter you should skip your sunscreen. In winter it’s even more important to double up on moisturizer followed by sunscreen… one can never be too hydrated in December or January!


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  1. In extreme situations, I mix Udos oil with vitamin C powder. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe of excess. Softens my hands up so nicely. Can’t forget those paraffin manicures either. I just have a hard time departing from my long, hot, steamy showers. I do my best thinking in there!! =)

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