4 Diet Strategies for the Holidays

It’s true – you can attend a holiday party and indulge, yet still be healthy. With a few diet strategies under your belt, feel confident and enjoy the season without having to be tempted or intimidated by the food table.


1. Wear something tight
It may seem counterintuitive at a holiday gathering with lots of food, but wearing something a little snug and body conscious will let you know when you’ve had enough.

2. Be the life of the party
When you’re busy catching up with old friends or chitchatting with coworkers, your mind won’t be preoccupied with what’s on the food table. Keeping your drink in one hand and your clutch in the other will make it a real challenge to snack.

3. Taste everything, finish nothing
If everything on the party table looks delicious, take small tasting portions (equal to two to three bites) of a wide variety of foods instead of loading up on large quantities. This way, you can enjoy almost everything without having to gorge yourself and feel guilty.

4. Choose the healthier option
Even if it’s a celery stick accompanying a dip platter or grapes garnishing a cheese plate, any fruits and vegetables are better than none at all. Even though healthier foods seem to be limited when it comes to holiday food options, take a minute to scan the table first before you reach for the cookie.

Source: Allure 

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