3 Must-Try All Natural Beauty Products

A few years ago I became highly aware of what I put in my body in the form of food due to a series of health problems that required a major body detox. My journey toward health included organic, raw, and whole foods, and a lot of water as expected, but that wasn’t all, my doctor also said I needed to stop using majority if not all of my beauty products to help my body detox more thoroughly…and quickly.

Give up my hairspray, foundation, and even lotion and perfume? No way. Well, that’s what I said in my head at least. It was a serious matter and so I complied with the doctor’s orders and vowed to only use natural, paraben and propyl-free products on my body…at least until I was healthy. Well it has been a little over three years, I am healthy, and I’ve even stuck to majority of my all-natural beauty regime.

Now I want to share my top 3 natural beauty products that I hope you’ll try… because our bodies deserve a break from the harmful chemicals we expose them to everyday (even if it is just a little break).

Jason Natural Products

Vitamin E oil has so many benefits and uses that it is hard to believe. Great for the skin, vitamin E oil is high in antioxidants helping to prevent wrinkles and to diminish the appearance of scars among a myriad of other things. My favorite use for it though, is to remove my eye makeup. It is gentle, removes waterproof mascara, and conditions lashes—it is the one thing I never go without.

Yes To Carrots

I was especially upset about the whole hair product part of this get-healthy deal and it took more time, effort and money than I would have liked to finally arrive at a Shampoo and Conditioner that I would even bother sharing with others. Yes To Carrots’ Nourishing shampoo and conditioner are made with organic carrots, Dead Sea minerals, and natural oils to hydrate and detoxify hair. My hair is manageable enough that I don’t need any extra products.

Upper Canada Soap

Perfume was probably the most difficult thing to give up, and I will admit I did falter in this area. Most of the time I cheated by spraying my clothes with my favorite scents before putting them on. However I did find a natural body spray that I do love and when I’m not cheating I use Upper Canada Soap’s Naturally body spray. My favorite scent is Cranberry Moro Orange, but they have warmer scents like Sweet Vanilla Fig and Warm Honey Nectar too.

By Kristianne Young

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