3 Minute Makeup for Busy Days

I am more than blessed to have been booked solid the last few weeks and that often means super early call times of 5 or 6 am, which once you factor in showering, getting ready and drive time I am at times waking up as early as 3:30 or 4 am…. Not a pretty picture at all. So when there isn’t a lot of time, I go straight to the stupid -proof guaranteed to look good makeup tricks. And if you too have those in- a- hurry mornings, these personal tips are quaranteed to get you out the door fast and looking good.

Yes, you can trim your makeup routine down to just 3 minutes. After you shower, use a bit of eye cream and moisturizer, then, give yourself a few minutes to let the products sink in while you do your hair.

Once the skin is fully prepped, if you don’t have time for a full face of foundation, dab just a bit on any red areas ie: sides of the nose, chin, nose or any other area that needs it and blend. Dab a bit of concealer underneath the inner corners of the eye and blend outward to highlight and cover the darkest part of the eyes. Set with a translucent powder. Be sure the concealer is really creamy so that you are not stuck having to spend a lot time blending. Bobbi Brown makes great formulas and comes in yellow based shades to cover even the most stubborn circles.

Stroke a bit of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend with a sponge to smooth out any unevenness. This wakes up the face and makes you look fresh and alive.

Next curl lashes, this step helps make the eyes pop and the lashes look more full and lush which is essential when you don’t have time to do full eye makeup. Add two coats of mascara and be sure to use a lash comb so there are no clumps. Shu Umeura is one of the best lash curler around… but sadly they may be much harder to locate as the brand it shutting down some of their US locations.

Be sure to take a few seconds to groom and fill in the brows. The perfect brow frames the eyes and helps balance the face. The fastest way is to use an angled brush and a powder shadow two shades lighter than your brow hair.

And finally, finish the look with a pink or peachy lipstick or gloss to give a fresh polished look like Lancome’s Color Fever gloss in Crazy Pink.

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