3 As Seen on TV Beauty Products to Try

A product junkie friend of mine was known for years to get sucked into infomercials. You could often find all manners of skin care and makeup in her medicine cabinet. And each time she stuck religiously to her brands… this of course was all based on the trustworthiness of the celebrity hocking the goods rather than on the actual effectiveness of the product. Recently Refinery 29 did a little feature on some of the top products available as seen on TV.

I will admit that at times I too can get a tad sucked in… I mean who doesn’t want Cindy Crawfords amazing skin that looks practically the same as it did fifteen years ago (Botox not withstanding)? So here are a few of the products edited from the R29 article.

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty
Want to know why you don’t have sensational, supermodel skin like Cindy Crawford? Easy, she goes to Paris to have Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, “the renowned anti-aging specialist,” whip up batches of his time-stopping solutions made with a rare French melon imbued with free-radical stopping powers. But now they’re sharing it with you.

After trying the products, we were saddened to wake up the next morning and find we hadn’t miraculously morphed into Cindy Crawford overnight. But aside from that buzzkill, these are very nice products — particularly the soap-free, Skin Softening Cleanser. The products themselves aren’t cheap, but the couch potato in you will be pleased that they come right to your door, so you don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople. For a synergistic anti-aging routine, this is a good place to start. Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Complete Anti-Aging System, $39.95, available at Meaningful Beauty.

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean

L.A. stylist Chaz Dean is cashing in on the no-poo movement. For the uninitiated, that means swapping out your regular, harsh, stripping shampoo and tackling dirt and oils with conditioner alone. All the Cleansing Conditioners smell delightful — pomegranate, sweet almond mint, fig, mango coconut — an important factor considering you’re going to be changing up a lathering routine you’ve followed for decades.

But, keep in mind it takes a considerable amount of conditioner to follow Dean’s routine and this stuff ain’t cheap. Try a regular deep conditioner for a two-week span first to see if you’re ready to go shampoo-free — then make the investment.

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean Basic Kit, $29.95 for 30-day supply, available at Wen.

Heel Tastic

Body cream, eye cream, face cream, lip cream — do you really need yet another cream? If you have dry, cracked heels that make you think twice about slipping on sandals then the answer to that question is yes.

This blend of Indian neem and karanja oils soaks into fissures and delivers smoother soles within days. And the lemongrass and ginger scent isn’t offensive in any way. But what we particularly love is you don’t have to actually touch your feet — just slide the stick over heels and it’s immediately absorbed.

Heel Tastic Intensive Heel Treatment, $9.99, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

To read the entire article: Refinery 29

Source: refinery29.com

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