10 Minute Hairdos

I’ve been growing my hair out for nearly two years and it has finally reached the point where I can do some fun things with it. I am no longer a slave to the flat iron and the resulting straight hair (though I do long for a sleek bob some days). In my excited frenzy I decided to grab my iPad and YouTube and google different hairstyles I could manage to do myself.

If you’re like me and need some really simple dos, you’ll love these.

A deep side part will add chicness to literally any look. Famed stylist Ted Gibson suggests lining up the part with the highest point of the eyebrow. Then use your favorite smoothing cream and brush through hair. To perfect your part use the sharp end of a comb.

Once you are happy with your part, style your hair however you like: a side bun, loose curls, a low pony, or super sleek straight hair….whatever you do have fun!

Yes, yes we all just love the topknot (I’m not being sarcastic at Style Files we wear one almost everyday) but I’m slowly falling in love with the super high pony. Now this look takes some guts/confidence, but to look like Katy Perry we’ll do anything!


Simply add a defriziing serum to wet hair, blow dry, and straighten. Then pull hair tight, smoothing any bumps with a brush, and pull into a pony at the top of your head. Be sure to leave a fairly thick piece of hair out at the base and then wrap around the elastic band and hold in place with a bobby pin ( or braid first like KP)….now hair spray and you’re all done.

photo: haironthebrain.com

Braids are still a huge trend on the runway, the red carpets, and the most famous street style blogs. However this simple variation can make your braid a little more now. Sweep hair to side and braid. Pull small sections of the braid to create a messy, sultry look.

Combining the high pony with the half-up hair do is a fun update on this classic look. Before putting your hair in the pony blow dry with a round brush for extra bounce and finish with your favorite shine spray. Here is a little pictorial tutorial from perfectlocks.com. Hello super sexy hair!

What are some of your favorite easy to do hair dos? We would love for you to share with us and the rest of the Style Files readers.

By Kristianne Young

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