Why a Travel Bucket List Matters

by Joe O’Donnell

I’m not sure where or when I first encountered the “bucket list” term. I like it because it put a name to the list of goals and dreams I’ve had since I was a child watching cartoons thinking, I want – no, I need to see these places.

I have traveled all over the world and there is something amazing that is uncovered (rediscovered) in us all through traveling. Travel lets you experience the ‘authentic you’ by removing you from the ordinary and placing you in the extraordinary. It’s that extra part that makes the difference.

At first, the key driver for many is the destination. It’s the foreign beauty of it. The pictures and stories that friends have shared or what’s been encountered through literature and media. But, there is something more.

There is a sense of place that we move from the outside to the in when we travel. We meet people who take the mundane moments in our own lives, and allow us to experience it again for the first time. Setting us loose from our cultural moorings and forcing us through the quest of pure joy to understand ourselves.

This should be the year you begin to allow yourself to have extraordinary experiences. To begin creating and curating the life experiences you deserve. There is no better way to put yourself in a place for the extraordinary then by traveling. Set your mission, your bucket list.

Do you want float in the oceans of Tahiti, experience the air and blessings of the mountains in Tibet, or do you long for the streets and monuments of Paris and Rome? Do you want to see a giant panda in the bamboo forests of China or pop a perfectly aged bottle of Champagne with a master maker in the limestone caves of one of the great houses in France? Let our Privileges an American Express Travel Representatives help you make the most out of your next great adventure!

Our world, and lives, are as big or small as you choose to allow them to be. Your choice is being made every day. Become active in that choice and make your travel bucket list now. For more information, or to book your next vacation, visit, www.privilegestravel.com or call, 1-800-860-0763.

Joe O’Donnell has a passion for travel and is the Executive Director for Privileges an American Express Travel Representative.

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