5 Castles You Wish You Lived In

Who didn’t dream of living in a castle as a little girl?  There are castles all across the world that many princesses, princes, kings and queens have lived in over the years.  Even though many of these castles are no longer used for the headquarters for rulers, these real life castles of our dreams are still beautiful as ever today.

Below are 5 of the many breathtakingly beautiful castles around the world.

1. Balmoral Castle


This 49,000 acre castle is currently located in the Cairngorns National Park in Scotland.  If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Scotland, this castle is something you simply must visit.  Tours are offered daily from April until the end of July.

2. Malbork Castle


Located in Poland, this ginormous castle is the largest brick building in all of Europe.  The castle was built in 1406, and is surrounded by beautiful Poland greenery.

3. Chateau De Chambord


Located in France, this awe-inspiring castle is definitely a tourist destination and something you will want to see.  The distinct French Renaissance architecutre makes it a beaming landmark on its 13,000 acre property.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle


Germany is home to this grand castle.  This castle is one of the most visited historical landmarks in the world, with over 60 million visitors over the years.

5. Ashford Castle 


Built in 1228, the Ashford Castle in Ireland is now a hotel open to guests everywhere.  If you want to be a princess for the night, visit this beautiful 83 bedroom hotel.

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