Tips for Maintaining Luscious Hair Extensions


Hair extensions might seem appealing, however there is a lot of extra work that goes into keeping them luscious and beautiful.  If you don’t care for your extensions properly, you could mess up the perfect hair you paid so highly for.  Featured below are five tips to maintaining your beautiful hair extensions and preventing tangled messes.  For additional information on the best hair extensions in the Valley, visit AZ Strands’ website.

1.  Blowdrying Downwind 

Unlike normal hair, when blowdrying hair extensions, it is extremely important that you blow-dry your extensions from roots to tip.  If you blow-dry from your tips up, your hair is bound to be a tangled mess.

2.  Braid While You Sleep

Another tip for preventing the dreaded tangles that come with hair extensions is to sleep with your hair in a braid.  This will prevent the strands from tangling with each other.

3.  Always Brush and Braid Wet Hair

If you go to a water park or a pool with your friends, always bring your extensions brush.  Even though it might be a pain to brush out your hair when you’re busy with friends, it is extremely necessary.  Letting your hair dry wet without brushing is just asking for trouble.

4.  Take Time

Take some time every day to carefully comb out your extensions.  Especially as your hair grows, your extensions will start to get more and more tangled.  Combing and untangling as they come before the tangles build up will prevent unwanted dreadlocks down the road.

5.  Avoid Wind

Even if letting your hair flow in the wind is your favorite thing in the world, it is bad for your extensions.  Whether you’re driving with your windows down in the car or are outside on a windy day, always pull your hair back in the wind.


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