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The Truth About Reversing Plastic Surgery

Thinking plastic surgery? Think again. We all have our little imperfections that can drive us nuts. But, as my mother always told me, “just looking confident, wearing a big smile and staying healthy can go a long, long way in the beauty department!”

The now transformed Heidi Montag isn’t the only celeb to regret her plastic surgery decisions… But if you still feel the grass has to be greener on the other side, take a look at some common risks that can occur when going under the knife and the realities about reversing your changes according to Las Vegas Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint. The doc reveals that an increasing number of his patients want to go back to they way they looked pre-surgery!

“There are some myths as well as some realities to ‘reversing’ plastic surgery,” says Dr. Myint. Below are some of the top areas patients want to fix and the risks that go along with them:

Eye Area

Brow Lifts: Brow lifts are meant to make us look more “awake and refreshed.” But sometimes the result is a constant angry or surprised facial expression. According to Dr. Myint, “patients who want their surgically lifted eyebrows reversed back to its original state may have a problem doing so. This all depends on the type of brow lift performed. It is more common to under correct a browlift and having to go back and lift more. But if the patient was overcorrected, bringing the brow down depends on the type of surgery. If there was too much skin removed, it will be very difficult to reverse this.”

Upper Eyelid Surgery: Think real hard about this one! Some of the worst cases of plastic surgery mishaps can be seen with eyelid surgery. This can happen when surgeons remove too much skin… Dr. Myint says, “If too much skin was removed in an upper eyelid blepharoplasty for instance, I cannot reverse it back to its original appearance. This is a common complication I see from other surgeons. This type of patient will need a skin graft. They may or may not look better, but they will surely look different from their original appearance.”


Injections and Implants: Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of why not to get lip injections. It never seems to look natural. Or maybe they are just over inflated? Dr. Myint says, “if a filler such as an HA (hyaluronic acid) was used, I can reverse it with hyaluronidase enzyme. The lip will return back to its original position and shape. If a more permanent filler was used, it will be very difficult to reverse. The filler will need to be surgically removed which can lead to more complications. Depending on the implant, some can be removed easily while others are extremely difficult to remove.” Dr. Myint also adds that lips are very challenging, and only in excellent hands with the right technique can the lips be reversed if needed.


Rhinoplasty: “Rhinoplasty revision is common. However, reversal to the original position is unlikely from a surgical complication. The nose is a very difficult area to reverse,” says Dr. Myint. He also adds that mostly implant or grafts are used to rework a hump or bump or even nasal septum problems, but not to reverse it.


Implants, Injectables and Liposuction: According to Dr. Myint, “it is possible to reverse cheeks which had too much lipo or a wrong type of implant or an hyaluronic filler. If too aggressive lipo results in hollow cheeks, fat grafting or fillers can possibly bring the cheeks back.”

For more information on Dr. Myint please visit www.eye-faceplasticsurgeon.com.


  • Jeanne says:

    Nice article. Especially when it comes to eyelid surgery or cutting around the eyes. Is it really worth it? There are other options besides surgery that might not be well known, but very viable. For instance, there’s a non-surgical product called Eye Magic that provides the same effect as eyelid surgery and is non-invasive and affordable. Their website is EyeMagic.net if you’re interested in checking this out as an alternative to eyelid surgery.

  • Facial plastic surgery is rarely an “afterthought” procedure. Because faces are always front and center, most people feel that there is less room for compromise or mistakes when it comes to cosmetic surgery on the face. The ravages of poorly done or excessive facial plastic surgery are well known because in many cases these procedures were done on famous people who could theoretically afford the best surgeons in the world. People are less willing to take chances when it comes to facial plastic surgery than with other types.

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