Steps to Choosing Your Signature Scent


Whether you’re the type of girl to simply spray yourself once in the morning or you go as far as to spray handwritten letters with your perfume of choice, a signature scent can be an assent for the classiest of ladies.  With so many different perfumes and sprays to choose from, how could you possibly decide which scent will be your go-to scent?

Your fragrance of choice will often become something people close to you will associate with you, so you want to make sure you choose the best signature scent for you.  Featured below are five steps to choosing your signature scent.


1.  What are you going for?

Before you start dabbling with the various lavender or vanilla scents, make sure your scent of choice lines up with what you want your perfume to say about you.  Decide whether you want your scent to be romantic, fun and carefree, sweet, daring, etc.

2.  Don’t go for the pretty bottle

Rather than immediately gravitating to the name brands or eye-catching bottles, ask for recommendations of scents.  An attractive bottle doesn’t mean there will be an equally attractive scent.

3.  Remember pricing

Look at the price per ounce and the value for your dollar when purchasing perfume.  Before you splurge on the fancy $200 perfume, keep in mind how many ounces are in it, and be sure you can keep up with the price after it runs out each time.

4.  Make sure it’s “Eau de Parfum”

If you want your scent to last more than just a couple of hours, make sure you ask whether your desired perfume is an Eau de Parfum or an Eau de Toilette.  While an Eau de Toilette will be very refreshing and dominant at first, it evaporates and fades quickly.  On the other hand, an Eau de Parfum will release the desired scent stronger over time, rather than immediately.

5.   Give it Time

Prior to purchasing, spray your wrists with the sample and wear it around for the day.  Body oils and fragrances react to each person’s skin differently.  Even though you might enjoy the smell immediately, it could react differently in a couple of hours.


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