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As if Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa wasn’t already one of our favorite luxe locales in the area, now their updated selection of products and treatments has made visiting this gorgeous spa even more tempting. The resort is now the only location in Scottsdale to carry leading skin care line Skin Authority’s products and offer their treatments. As a part of the line’s launch at Sanctuary, I recently received a Skin Authority facial—and I have to admit, this is one “indulgence” that has now become a necessity in my life.


Before you write these products off as just more tubes of goop to clutter your bathroom counter, listen up. Skin Authority, founded by Celeste Hilling, is a premier skin care lifestyle brand, offering 25 home care products and 19 professional products. The company truly believes that each person deserves their own unique skin care plan, as everyone is different. In one customized treatment, new pathways into the skin tissue are developed, enabling the deepest parts of your skin tissue to be nourished and create new cell production.

The Skin Authority Lifestyle Program is customized to fit your skin care needs and make healthy changes—it includes a professional skin analysis, facial and body treatments, home care products and kits and an at-home skin care “coach” to assist you with your program. Treatments include Transformation for the Face, Body and Soul Rituals and Transformation for the Hands and Feet. No matter what you’re focus area is, all of the offerings use Skin Authority signature products, including high-concentration ingredients at the lowest penetrating pH. Another perk is that all things Skin Authority are paraben, dye and added fragrance-free, and many are packaged in biodegradable materials, helping to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.


If it’s new and effective products you’re after, the Skin Authority Web site is able to suggest an item or kit to meet your particular needs. This is helpful, as the amount of products available can be a bit overwhelming at first. (Although the Bright Eyes Kit, Deep Detox Ritual Mask and Hand Foot Body Restoration all sound like they would work wonders.)  

The best part of the face treatment I received? It only lasted a mere 20 minutes, and I walked out with noticeably smoother, healthier skin that simply glowed. In fact, I even received a couple compliments that evening, making it completely worth it.

To learn more, visit –Amy Strand, associate editor


  1. I agree, Sanctuary is a top-notch resort. As for The Skin treatment, I can attest that it has helped revitalized my skin. Living in the desert, I need to have it revitalized once in a while lol.

  2. This is the best resort for sunsets and drinks hands down in AZ. I live in Paradise Valley and can not get eenough of this place, wish they had a more private pool. The food is amazing and sevice some of the best. Proud to live by such a great resort. Years ago this was a tennis ranch and how times have changed.

  3. i actually had a facila yesterday (not at Sanctuary) and my cheeks are all red today! it really hurt and stung a lot, but i didnt think my face would be all red. maybe in shoudl have gone here instead.

  4. This is a wonderful place for spa treatments. Gift certificates from the Sanctuary have been some of my favorites to receive. Any of the products make great gifts too. Added bonus? Give them over dinner at Elements!

  5. I wanted to respond to Dalia’s question about the cost of the Skin Authority Lifestyle Program. A typical Program of three facial resurfacing treatments, 4 month supply of product, and free coaching costs less than $4 a day which is about the cost of a Starbucks signature coffee drink. You get started at the Sanctuary by calling 1-480-948-2100 of you can find locations near you by calling 1-866-325-Skin or going to and clicking on treatment locations. I think you won’t find a better value, especially when you start seeing the results! Celeste, CEO of Skin Authority

  6. Is this safe compared to goiing to an actual doctor who has more training. I nce went to one of those spas in a strip mall and had terrible results. I would like to get feedback from anyone who has had the actual treatment and was happy. Thanks

  7. In response to Baker, I think you hit the nail on the head by revealing a “spa in a strip mall”. You have to be careful where you are having these types of services and want to make sure you can trust the establishment that you choose to patron. I have had the service and you can see visible results right after the treatment. The products used are not as strong as you would get in a med spa or derm office, but strong enough to make a visible change to your appearance in a safe way in a more relaxing environment and at times more economical. I would recommend giving it a shot if you have a chance.

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