Miracle in the Green – Discover the Miracle of Moringa

Miracle in the Green offers a line of all natural and eco-friendly products for the whole family. All of our products are infused with 100% USDA Organic Certified and sustainably sourced Moringa and formulated with plant-derived ingredients. 

The benefits of Moringa can help make a healthy impact on your day-to-day life by boosting your intake of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin b3, iron, amino acids, calcium, and magnesium.

Moringa is the Miracle Plant because it yields such a high vitamin-rich content that no other plant or vegetable can produce in one serving. It can help improve more than just your diet. You can use Moringa for your hair, skin, boost your immune system, and so much more.

Miracle in the Green empowers women through entrepreneurship and education. We stand for the African Proverb which states, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” Miracle In The Green empowers, uplifts, and creates opportunities for communities globally.”

I’ll save you some time and a giant wall of text, get the full load down on moringa here: All About Moringa5 Ways to Grow Healthy Hair Using Moringa

All products are formulated with natural plant-derived ingredients and infused with pure USDA certified organic moringa. Available at ​MiracleInTheGreen.comandAmazon

Here are a few of Miracle in the Green’s amazing beauty and lifestyle products!

Moringa Powder:
Your go-to resource for energy and vitality. Made from natural ground leaves of 100% Moringa Leaf Powder, Oringaa is Miracle in the Green’s 100% Organic green superfood. Mix it into your favorite shake, or sprinkle it over savory foods to provide added nutrition.

While nearly tasteless, Oringaa powder is rich in protein, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium, and 9 essential amino acids. Loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, phenolic acids, flavonoids and glucosinolates, our powder’s purity is unmatched, as we never use fillers or diseased or damaged leaves.

Moringa Facial Cleanser
Infused with moringa seed oil, this cleanser offers a nourishing, refreshing experience that helps revitalize skin’s natural, healthy glow by moisturizing your skin and gently cleansing away any impurities. Remove built-up sebum without irritating or causing redness. 

Moringa Body Butter
This hydrating, thick and silky body butter melts into your skin without the oily or greasy feel. Moringa visibly reduces wrinkles and brightens skin. Peppermint energizes and awakens your skin, enhances your senses and enriches your skin. Aloe Vera calms the skins. 

Anti-Aging Revitalizing Moringa Oil

Use moringa oil to cleanse your skin, remove makeup, and make your own deep conditioning treatment for your hair! Moringa’s natural anti-fungal and cleansing properties make it the perfect fit for cleansing your skin and hair, while locking in moisture. 

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