How to Look Stunning in Every Picture

Who doesn’t want to be that girl who looks absolutely stunning in every photo?  With Christmas parties just around the corner, you will soon need to be camera-ready at all times.  What you may not know is that there are tricks you can use to look amazing in just about every photo.  This holiday season, be the girl in the photo everyone envies with the following tricks to make you hotter than ever in every picture taken. You’re already beautiful, but a few helpful tricks can’t hurt!

Know Your Pose

It’s not a coincidence that celebrities often pose the exact same way for every picture.  These celebs never have an awkward picture, because they already know their go-to poses.  It may seem weird, but practice your poses to know what pose looks best for you, whether it be two hands on the hip, one or none. If you’re posing in a group of friends, know which side is your more flattering side, and try to get on that side of the picture.  Know your pose, and stick with it!



A Little Twist

To look just a little bit slimmer, angle your body so it is not a full frontal shot.  Just a little twist towards the camera will give a slimming effect.


One Foot In Front of The Other

Another trick used to make yourself look slimmer is by putting one foot in front of the other.  This will naturally angle your body, making yourself appear trimmer.


Tilt Your Head

This will help avoid any possibility of a double chin.  All you have to do is elongate your neck, and then angle your jaw downward just a tad.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE at American Music Awards

Say “Bye” to Flash

Yes, sometimes flash is necessary, especially in night pics.  However, natural lighting will make your photo better overall.  Before resorting to the flash button, try to find a well-lit room first.


Perfect Your Makeup

To have the perfect camera-ready face, here are a few make up tricks you can try:

1.  Only apply mascara to your top eye lashes.  This will lift the eyes and hide any unnecessary puffiness.
2.  Another way to make yourself look wide awake is by putting a lighter toned concealer underneath your eyes.
3.  Minimize shine by using a matte powder on areas like the forehead.  This will make the skin more even, eliminating excess shine.
4.  Be sure to apply lotion or moisturizer before you head out.  Keeping your skin hydrated always makes pictures look better!

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