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Longer Lashes Eye Drops

From the makers who brought us the facial paralyzer and female sensation, Botox, comes the next big thing in cosmetics — Latisse for longer lashes by Allergan. This is the first federally approved prescription drug for growing longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. That’s right ladies, no more layering on the mascara or gluing MAC fakes to your lids, this all-new one-hit wonder produces natural-looking, goddess lashes all wrapped up in a magical solution.


I for one, wouldn’t take a monthly, $120 drug just for fuller lashes, but with mascara being a multi-billion dollar industry and the amount of people freezing their face with Botox, this new formula may be an American hit.

Studies show that eyelashes typically grew 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker. However, 3.6 percent of patients experienced eye itching and red eyes.

Latisse was discovered in Allergan eye drops that reduce harmful pressure in the eye in glaucoma patients. The eye drops’ side effect was ironically longer and fuller lashes. Latisse is made up of the same formula called Lumigan.

Latisse is a topical solution only available through a doctor’s prescription. Allergan is now supplying it to select cosmetic physicians in the Valley, including Susan Van Dyke, M.D. at Van Dyke Laser & Skin center. www.vandykelaser.com

How far will you go for beauty?


  • bev says:

    first eyelash extensions now this.

  • Sami says:

    Wow…kinda cool!

    However, maybe scientists should be trying to cure cancer first, and not how to grow eyelashes.

  • Carrie says:

    That cannot be healthy! However, I can understand how people with light eyelashes such as myself might be tempted…

  • katie says:

    hmmm….. quite an investment…so i wonder what the lifespan of an eyelash is anyway… like how long until one falls out and is (hopefully) replenished? its not like you could take the pill for 6 months and have longer, thicker lashes for the rest of your life, right?

  • Sierra says:

    Katie posts a good question. I mean if you could really take the pill for 6 months, and then you’d be good for the rest of your life, yeah absolutely I’d make room for that in my budget! But $120 a month forever seems like a bit much..

  • azrunner says:

    How does it only affect eyelashes and not eyebrows or arm hair or……. what if this undo’s all the money I spent de-fuzzing with laser treatments?

  • Ali says:

    I think I’ll wait a few years and see what everyone else thinks of this pill…

  • G G McGee says:

    Agreed with azrunner. It’s cool that it grows eyelashes, but what it grows arm hair and leg hair? I don’t want man arms!!

  • JoJo says:

    I think that this is a creative idea; however I am not one to pop a pill for longer lashes. I agree, I think I will wait a while to see what the pros and cons and for now stick with MAC’s fun lashes.

  • Marli says:

    Wow…Interesting!! yeah im with Ali on that one, i think we need to be a bit more careful about what products we use! I’ll wait and see how it all works out! p.s. Dr.Van Dyke and the Van Dyke laser and skin center is amazing! The office is super friendly!

  • Caroline Stalls says:

    How do tehy make sure only the eye lashes are thicker? i bet we see a lot more women with mustaches around town…

  • Naomi Watts says:

    Wow! That is crazy how they came up with the treatment. Knowing me I would get the bad side affects, so smaller eye lashes for me!!!

  • Iza says:


  • ***Arizona Foothills Magazine*** says:

    *****PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE TO THIS BLOG: It is an eye lash DROP…NOT pill.*****

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • SAB says:

    Wow – – – SO much better that its drops and not pills. Pills would be scary.

  • There seems to be a little confusion. Latisse is actually a topical, not a pill. Place one drop on a sterile applicator (supplied with the product) and apply to the upper eyelid lash line once a day. That’s it! Results can take weeks to months. Once you stop using the product the lashes will slowly revert to what you had before. It is great to have options for your lashes!

  • Erin says:

    Thanks for the clarification Susan! It is great to know that if I choose to stop using Latisse my eyelashes will simply revert back to normal. I was concerned about adverse effects if I stopped using the product, but now I am much more likely to try it.

  • Allison says:

    Thanks for the clarification Susan! It is great to know that if I choose to stop using Latisse my eyelashes will simply revert back to normal. I was concerned about adverse effects if I stopped using the product, but now I am much more likely to try it.

  • Tine says:

    WOW! sounds less invasive.

  • Debbie says:

    Maybe longer lashes will even out the attention my unruly unibrow is getting.

  • EyeDoc says:

    I’m an eye doctor and have know about this “side effect” of the popular glaucoma eye drop for several years. It looks like Allergan has finally found a way to promote this in their new product Latisse. If you want to know what the potential (negative) side effects are, here’s a good website that I found: http://www.body-philosophy.net/Prescription_Eye_Drops_for_Longer_Lashes

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