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A Girl’s Guide to Collarbone Contouring


Collarbone contouring is among the latest beauty trends, and for a good reason.  If used correctly, your collarbone can be one of sexiest parts of your body.  For those who were not blessed with a prominent collarbone, resorting to makeup is an easy fix.  Ever since the earliest of red carpet days, celebrities have turned to contouring tricks to accentuate their collarbone’s natural beauty.

Featured below are four easy steps to collarbone contouring:

1.  Moisturize

Moisturize the exposed area of your shoulder first, as this will enhance the colors.

2.  Highlight 

Find a shade slightly lighter than your natural skin, and apply this shade right on top of your collarbone.  This will help it pop up a little, making it more noticeable and beautiful.

3.  Shimmer

Then, apply a shimmer on top of the area you just highlighted.

4.  Bronzer

Apply just a little bit of bronzer just above and below the part of the collarbone that sticks out.  This can be seen below.

Image via mbeautifulshoes.org

5.  Blend

This is probably the most important step. Just like any other part of the body you would contour, it is important to finish the contouring process by taking a clean brush and lightly brushing over the area you just contoured.

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