Gemmist: Customized Hair Care for You!

If you are interested in personalized hair care, Gemmist is the product for you! Gemmist offers a comprehensive quiz to customize the formula for each customer’s hair. Sulfate, paraben, and dye-free, Gemmist starts at $36 for both the shampoo and conditioner.

Gemmist offers a monthly subscription that is sent straight to your door!  With easy cancellations and free returns on your first order within 30 days, give it a try to fix those hair concerns. 

The shampoo has an enticing smell and easy application. With just a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand, the shampoo easily cleans the entirety of your hair, leaving it soft and silky. After applying the shampoo, the conditioner takes a quarter-sized amount left in the hair for one to three minutes.

The scalp balancing bar is used once a week and helps with scalp itchiness. After leaving it in for one to two minutes, it left my scalp feeling nourished and exfoliated.  After washing both products out, the hair will be left smooth, silky, and vibrant. Curled, natural, or straightened, your hair will feel flawless all day long!

My customized hair quiz said that I should use the Formula 4 Shampoo along with the Formula 15 Conditioner based on the answers I gave for my hair type and concerns.

I enjoyed using Gemmist so much that I made my husband start using it too. Not only did it make our hair feel silky and smooth, but it helped with dryness on the scalp and smelt incredible.

– Jenna Medlin-Roark, Freelance writer for

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