Fullfill My Wishlist: New Holiday Shopping App

Thanks to Seinfeld, recycling unwanted gifts into “new” gifts to unsuspecting loved ones now has a more official name: “re-gifting.” Well those days are over now that Facebook has a convenient and ingenius new app–Fulfill My Wishlist (built by the same team as the recession-busting app, Hire My Friend)!

The app allows any Facebook user to create a 10-item wishlist through a shopping portal within. Users add items to their wishlist, which are then published to their friend-feed. It’s genius!

So now you will know exactly what your friends are in the market for and bring a huge (and honest) smile to their face this Christmas! Plus, links from within the application allow friends to go directly to that item online and purchase it on the spot.

The application also allows users to subscribe to receive email reminders when a friend has an important occasion coming up, such as a birthday wishlist. Reminders are sent once month, one week, or one day in advance of the occasion.

Now that 500 million people are on Facebook, Christmas just got a little less stressful- allowing us to simply enjoy the season!

Click here to check it out!

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