Five Daring Celebrity Hairstyles to Try This Winter

What better way to finish off the last month of the year than with a new bold hairdo?  If you’re looking for an idea for a trendy new hairstyle this winter, you’ve come to the right place.  These hair styles are beyond trendy this winter.  Step out of your hair comfort zone, and try one of these five fun celebrity hairdos.

Five celebrity hairdos to try this winter:

The Bob


That’s right, the bob is back.  Even celebrities like Emma Watson are rocking this hairdo.  You will look classy as ever in this cut, with it only getting better each day it grows out.

The Lob


Not quite a bob, but a lob.  Tyra banks works this hairdo of a classic bob that starts at your shoulders and flows down to your collar bone.  This is great for those wanting to try the retro shape but are not wanting to cut too much length from their hair.

The Ombre

Lauren Conrad Unveils Her National Milk Mustache "Got Milk?" Ad

Who doesn’t love a classic ombre?  Winter is the perfect time to try out this trendy look.  Lauren Conrad is one of the first to try the ombre trend.  The ombre look is fresh, causal and very flattering.

Bangs are back?


This season, bangs have also come back in style.  This does not mean you should get the straight across your forehead bangs you used to have in fourth grade.  Instead, try fun, wispy bangs, like these on Dianna Agron.  If you do your bangs just right, you can frame your face in the best way possible.  The angled bangs with longer pieces near the front of Dianna’s face provide a casual, trendy and cute look.

Sleek and Chic


Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence, steals the win for most daring celebrity hair style this winter. This bold and confident look is not something just anyone can pull off.  Only those going for the most dare devil of dare devil hair cuts can chop their hair off into this sleek hairdo.

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