Five Beauty Secrets of The Week: Nails

From curls to manicures, keeping up your beauty is time consuming.  However, there are simple tricks every girl needs to learn that will make their lives that much easier.  Once again, Valley Girl brings you fabulous beauty secrets you will find useful.  This week, we bring you five beauty secrets that will help you achieve the perfect finger fashion.


Here are the five ways to achieve an impeccable manicure:

Loofah Fishnet Manicure:


Are you looking for trendy nails that are also easy?  A fishnet manicure is simple and cute.  If you can’t get ahold of any fishnet, a loofah will do the trick quite nicely.  First, apply a dark base coat to your nails. Then, cut a corner from your loofah and hold it tight against your nail while applying a lighter base coat on top of it. Keep holding the loofah netting on the nail for a few minutes or until the polish is dry.

Oil Spray:


Your oil spray in the kitchen has other uses than just for cooking!  If you spray a coat of non-stick oil spray on your nails, your nails will dry faster.  This will prevent smudging, as well as save you time and energy!

The Magic of Aquaphor:


When painting nails, it is often difficult to keep a steady hand and not let the polish run onto the skin.  An easy way to prevent this is by applying some Aquaphor around the nail beds prior to applying the polish. The polish will not stick on the Aquaphor, and will prevent from errant nail polish strokes.



You don’t need a salon to get the perfect French manicure tips.  The perfect French tips can be achieved with something as simple as a Band-Aid.  Band-Aids are a girl’s best friend when it comes to getting the perfect curve for your french tip.  Simply press the sticky end of the Band-Aid on your nail, covering all but the tip of the nail with the end piece, paint white on the tip, and then remove to reveal the perfect French tip.

Water and Vinegar


Every perfect manicure begins with a pre-manicure soaking.  Water and vinegar is an inexpensive and affective solution to soaking ones nails before polish application.  Soaking your nails in water and vinegar will strip your nails of any oils or moisturizers left over from nail polish remover.  This will prevent bubbles or any unwanted uneven polish.

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