Feel & Look Your Best with Advanced Face & Body Treatments at Elite Beauty Wellness

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Feel and look your best with advanced face and body treatments from Elite Beauty Wellness that ultimately boost your confidence while improving your body’s overall health.  

With the desire to help clients feel better from the inside out, Elite Wellness Beauty, a health and wellness center in Phoenix, offers a range of body contouring, skin tightening and weight loss services that promote natural healing processes in the face and body to help you love the way you look, as well as the way you feel. 

Unlike traditional spa services that expose the body to harmful ingredients and UV waves, Elite Beauty Wellness achieves the highest results using non-invasive, therapeutic technology and techniques that work alongside your body to naturally enhance its shape and tighten your skin for a healthy inner and outer glow.  

Elite Beauty Wellness

Main services at Elite Beauty Wellness include LPG Endermologie Lipomassage, VelaShape Body Contouring and Infrared Sauna Thermotherapy Beds, while other popular services include Weight Loss Body Wraps, Ionic Foot Bath Detox and Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning. All of these natural services work hand-in-hand to improve your body inside and out and can be done as individual treatments or used together for the most effective results. 

LPG Endermologie is an FDA-approved medical machine for the face and body that uses rollers and suction to firm and tighten the skin by pushing out toxins and breaking up fascia. The Lipomassage treatment is perfect for women who work out yet still have cellulite due to its ability to flatten out the skin and shrink fat cells. Just a one-hour Lipomassage session with LPG Endermologie is equivalent to working out three times. LPG Endermologie is also used on the face as a non-surgical, instant facelift. Performed on celebrities and professional athletes, this revolutionary treatment improves your blood circulation and immune system, boosts your metabolism and stimulates collagen to fade scars and stretch marks.  

Treatment room featuring Endermologie machine on the left and VelaShaper on the right.

VelaShape takes LPG Endermologie a step further with infrared heat and radiofrequency in addition to rollers and suction to tighten the skin. You’ll see results after just one session, but many women choose to do a total of six sessions for optimal skin tightening and body contouring. For the most effective results, use VelaShape as a pre-treatment for Lipomassage with LPG Endermologie. In conjunction, these two treatments significantly reduce cellulite and improve the health of your body without freezing and killing off fat cells. Elite Beauty Wellness has been using Endermologie on clients since 2016 after becoming familiar with the machine in 2006 and has worked with the VelaShaper for the past year. 

Air-brush spray tan room

Infrared Sauna Thermotherapy Beds are known to help with pain management, weight loss, detoxification and cardiovascular functions, among other benefits. Elite Beauty Wellness’s Thermotherapy Beds use the deepest form of infrared to heat the core of your body for optimal outcomes and improved health. They are also equipped with Chromotherapy lighting, which uses different light therapies to reverse various physical symptoms, including aging, acne and sun damage, as well as stimulate the lymphatic system and decrease inflammation in the body. 

Additionally, Elite Beauty Wellness is known for its Custom Airbrush Tanning Services, which owner Cherie Schacht has been offering to clients since 2009. This 100-percent natural and safe service makes the body look ten pounds lighter and more toned, while adding a healthy glow and helping to boost your confidence– just like getting your hair, nails or lashes done. Elite Beauty Wellness uses Norvell, a leading spray tan brand made out of organic plant materials that gives you that sun-kissed look without any harmful rays or ingredients, so that you can feel good about yourself and your body, too. 

“I started this business because I wanted something more natural,” says Schacht. “I wanted services that helped me feel better physically and mentally. My life goal is to make people around me feel better about themselves. Whether it’s making them smile or making them feel better about themselves physically, everyone deserves to be happy.”

Elite Beauty Wellness is currently offering packages and half-off retail pricing for its treatments and services. To book an appointment or learn more about the services Elite Beauty Wellness offers to help you feel and look your best, click here

Elite Beauty Wellness

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