Dash of Darling’s Must-Have Items to Master Feminine and Flirty Fashion


As women, we’ve all gone through phases in our lives where we try and determine our personal style. There’s hip and modern, dark and grungy, or as Caitlin Lindquist of Dash of Darling does it, feminine and playful. With summer rolling in, a soft and colorful style is quite obviously trending, and we’re giving this local blogger major kudos for her unparalleled fashion sense. Check out our Q&A with her below to see what items she thinks are essential to attaining her style.


AFM: How do you describe your sense of style? 

Lindquist: “My style mirrors my personality… feminine and playful. I am not afraid to make liberal use of color, but I also love building a closet full of classic neutral staples that can easily be spiced up with a fun pop of color.:

AFM: Why do you like having such a girly style, and how does it make you feel dressing in that way?

Lindquist: “I think I’ve always embraced my femininity. My style definitely reflects that but also shows I don’t take myself too seriously. Being boring is such a drag and I like to have fun! Dressing in fun colors or prints allows me to be me and express who I am.”

AFM: Do you think it’s important for everyone to find a personal sense of style? 

Lindquist: “I think it’s important for everyone to explore themselves and figure out who they are and what they love, and then reflect that in their style. You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. A woman who is confident in herself and knows who she is will exude that through her personal style. Just like I love showing off my personality by wearing pops of color and playful prints, every woman should find a way to express who she is… and utilizing your style to share your undeniably amazing self outward with the observing world is a great way to cultivate a positive sense of self.”

AFM: What are some must-have items in your closet that you just could not live without? 


1.) A NEUTRAL BAG – “I think the most important must-have is a great neutral bag. This investment piece should be able to take you through the seasons without leaving your side. So think tan, black, blush, cream or grey; that way you can wear it with anything.

My favorite bags that I own are my YSL cross-bodygrey Givenchy tote + black Chanel boy bag.  I also am loving this cream chevron bag for Summer (and it would look great with your Winter whites too)!”

2. MIDI SKIRTS – “I also don’t think I could live without my collection of midi skirts. They’re so fun and tend to get a lot of mileage out of me as they can be dressed up or down – pair them with a crop top for a classic “Caitlin” look. Chic wish has a great selection at affordable prices.”

3. HATS – “Another item you’re most likely to catch me wearing? A hat.  My collection of hats is ever-growing and it would be my dream to have a hat for every outfit. My go-to’s right now include my panama hatboater hat + black felt hat.”

4.) BOOTIES & FLATS – “Booties and flats are perfect because not only are they way more walkable than pumps (which I’ll take off 5 minutes after putting on), but they’re versatile enough to be worn with jeans, shorts or a dress. My favorite booties are these studded Chloe booties – they will take me from Summer through Winter.”

5.) HIGH WASTED SKINNY JEANS – “High wasted skinny jeans work really well with my tall figure, and actually stay on my hips unlike other fits (I’m obsessed with Madewell’s high risers right now).”

6.) OFF-THE-SHOULDER TOPS – “And if you’ve seen any of my recent Instagram’s (@caitlinclairexo) you’ll already know I’m going crazy over the of-the-moment off-the-shoulder tops right now because they give off an effortless, bohemian vibe that is perfect for Summer. Revolve Clothing has a really great selection of off-shoulder tops right now.”

7.) PINK LIPS, GOLDEN-TONED EYES – “As for my classic beauty look, I am a creature of habit and you can usually find my hair down with long, loose curls and a pink pout with a splash of golden tones on my eyes.  Urban Decay’s ‘naked’ eyeshadow palettes have been my go-to for years.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you check on my blog, Dash of Darling, and for more things darling be sure to follow along on my InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages.”

-Story by Taylor Seely


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