CariBBrew Haitian Grown Coffee and Skin Products

Written by Jenna Medlin-Roark

Made from Arabica beans from coffee farmers in Haiti, CariBBrew offers an incredible selection of coffees, hot chocolate, and skincare products. CariBBrew coffee comes in medium, dark, and spiced blends available in ground, whole bean, or K cups, and there is even a cold brew option!

CariBBrew also offers a weekly or bi-monthly subscription service so that you always stay stocked up on CariBBrew coffee.

I had the opportunity to try the medium roast coffee, hot chocolate, and the moisturizing body butter and coffee scrub. I prepared the medium roast coffee in a pour-over coffee maker each morning before starting work. It has very low acidity, making it extremely easy to drink and a full-bodied flavor of chocolate and nuttiness.

The hot chocolate mix is all of Haitian origin and has 83% cacao. It is very creamy and silky in texture and has a darker chocolate flavor with a slight spice.

The coconut rum moisturizing coffee scrub contains Haitian coffee, cane sugar, coconut oil, and shea butter and is also cruelty-free. To use, simply apply after showering, rinse with water, and then pat dry. It left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized and refreshed and helped remove dead skin leaving my skin soft and supple. 

Overall, I was excited to use the CariBBrew products in my daily routine and was satisfied from beginning to end with their performance.

– Jenna Medlin-Roark, AZFoothills Magazine Freelance Writer

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