The Bohemian Wedding Trend

Every season, many brides from around the world choose to sway away from traditional wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  An ever-present trend with brides, particularly among the younger brides, is bohemian style.  Bohemian weddings have new designs each year, keeping Boho weddings always in style.

This indie style is a trend inspired by gypsy and ethnic patterns that blends various styles together.  For the perfect bohemian wedding, you must first find the perfect boho gown.  Boho-chic wedding gowns have a relaxed, ethereal and free vibe.  Look for fun floaty dresses and vibrant floral crowns to accompany it.  Think lace sleeves, soft fabrics, romantic drapes and unique straps and patterns.

Boho weddings typically take place outdoors at rustic countryside venues, woodland areas or romantic backyards.  With the perfect setting and a colorful bohemian-esque table set-up and venue, bohemian themed weddings are absolutely stunning.  If you want a unique wedding style, a bohemian wedding just might be the wedding for you.








For Boho styled bridesmaids dresses, visit

For those looking to tie the knot, you may want to try one of these designers for the perfect boho dress:

Candy Anthony:
House of Mooshki:
The Couture Company:
Fur Coat no Knickers:
Joanne Fleming (Based in Brighton):

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