AZ Strands Continues to Set Itself Apart From Other Extensions


When one thinks about hair extensions, one often doesn’t consider all the factors that go into the perfect hair extensions.  AZ Strands, winner of Best Hair Extensions in last year’s Best of Our Valley competition, gave Valley Girl the unique opportunity to experience their one of a kind hair extensions first hand.  After this personal experience, AZ Foothills can attest that the quality and experience of hair extensions from AZ Strands is unbeatable.  Whatever length or style you are hoping for, AZ Strands is there to help.

Check out the before and after photo of Valley Girl’s hair extensions with AZ Strands below.  Needless to say, it was not a disappointing experience.


Featured below are seven things found at AZ Strands that sets AZ Strands apart from other hair extensions in the Valley, along with nationwide.  Each of these seven things are experienced by all AZ Strand clients.

1.  Its Reputation

AZ Strands has been established in the Valley since 1988, and has earned the reputation for providing the very best quality of hair extensions.

2.  Timeliness 

The process for hair extensions at AZ Strands only takes a mere two hours to complete, something we vouch for.  At other places, hair extensions can take nearly six hours to install.  Owner and operator Katy Cotten is so experienced that she is able to do just as quality of work in significantly less time.

3.  Non-Damaging Extensions

It is easy to not consider the damaging factors that can come with hair extensions.  If extensions are done incorrectly, damaged hair can be a result.  Luckily, AZ Strands is the non-damaging kind of hair extensions.  The installation doesn’t use any heat, adhesives or harmful chemicals.

4.  Extensions Only

Due to AZ Strands opting to exclusively specialize in hair extensions, they have perfected the art of hair extensions.

5.  Quality of Hair

AZ Strands uses 100 percent real and natural Eastern European human hair.  Not only is the hair to the utmost quality, AZ Strands always has a full range of colors, that can be matched to your natural hair without having to wait for your desired color to come in stock.

6.  Atmosphere

From its prime location in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale to its hip private studio, the atmosphere at AZ Strands is an unparalleled experience.  Clients will receive one on one attention, as they relax and listen to music while the AZ Strands team works its magic.

7.  Passion and Care

This private studio exclusively made for hair extensions is driven by the passion of the AZ Strands team.  It is evident to all who meet the AZ Strands team that they do extensions primarily to make their customers happy.  This passion and care for customers is visible from first consultation to the final product.

This is only some of all the amazing things one will find in an experience with AZ Strands.  For additional information on all AZ Strands has to offer and prices, visit


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