After-Christmas Sales & Discounts

It’s always a little relieving, and a little sad, when Christmas is over. Well, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for whatever Santa brought you, or even stop the shopping madness. Head back to the mall because the after-Christmas deals are hard to pass up!

Shopping for christmas goodies

Macy’s: If you aren’t a fan of what Grandma bought you from Macy’s, you can exchange it and also save 10-30% on most personal and skin care products, and 20% off women’s apparel and fragrances. Other discounted items include small appliances, shoe wear, kitchen appliances and winter wear. The great after Christmas sale is only available until Dec. 31.

Guess: Step into Guess because they are giving 25% off on hoodies, handbags, sweaters and more through January 2010.

Neiman Marcus: You can’t go wrong with Neiman Marcus-wear. And this luxury department store has markdowns of as much as 60% off regular prices. Selected holiday items have an additional 25 percent off. Sale only lasts until Dec. 31.

24 Hour Fitness: It’s very easy to put on a few pounds around the holidays, what with all the Christmas cookies and family feasts. Which is why there is no better time to join a gym if you haven’t already. The national sports fitness center, 24-Hour Fitness, is offering a $179.99 special for a 12-month, one club sports membership. There is no initiation fee and only a $29.99 monthly dues fee. You can also pick up a 14-day trial membership to test out your local 24-Hour Fitness.

Gap: Before you rush to the mall for all the after-Christmas discounts, visit because Gap has an exclusive four-day online sale. Shoppers can receive 20% off men’s and women’s clothing, maternity clothes, shoes and baby-wear. You can also receive 40% off with the lime tag boot sale and most athletic-wear is up to 70% off.

Brookstone: You can find almost anything at the Brookstone — the specialty retailer. Search their catalog because it’s boasting coupon codes that offer $10 off orders with a minimum of $150, and $25 off orders of $375 and up.

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